AT208 - Automatic Transmissions I

This is a comprehensive lecture and laboratory class which focuses on the operation, diagnosis and repair of automatic transmissions and transaxles.  In order to help the student understand how an automatic transmission accomplishes multiple gear ranges, power flow through the transmission will be stressed.  The operation of electronic transmission controls will be discussed and diagnostic procedures will be taught and implemented.

AT202 - Advanced Electrical Systems

This is a comprehensive lecture and laboratory class which builds on the two previous electrical/electronic courses. Emphasis is placed on the theory, operation, component identification and repair of audio and entertainment systems, power accessories such as power windows and locks, keyless entry, anti-theft systems and cruise control systems.

AT201 - Advanced Undercarriage

This course combines classroom and laboratory hands-on activities concerning the design, construction and operation of the various types of anti-lock braking systems and traction/stability control systems. The student will also learn the principles of front and four wheel alignment and perform wheel alignments using computerized four-wheel alignment machines.

EG101 – College Reading and Writing

This course focuses on the development of critical reading and effective writing for college course work. Students are introduced to essay reading and writing that is useful for college academic programs and workplace settings.  The course emphasizes the student’s ability to read and understand professional articles and essays as well as to express ideas in clear, succinct, Standard English prose in a variety of rhetorical patterns.

AT112 - Engine Electronics

This lecture/laboratory course utilizes the students’ prior understanding of electrical/electronic principles to better comprehend the complex electronically controlled systems used to monitor engine operation and emission compliance. Additionally students will study the theory of operation, design and problem diagnosis of modern ignition systems.

AT110 - Electrical/Electronic Systems

This course provides classroom and laboratory hands-on activities where students building on material learned in AT108 Automotive Electrical Foundations use wiring diagrams to examine headlight, taillight, stoplight and turn/hazard light for operation and repair.  Students are taught to use advanced diagnostic techniques to diagnose and repair electrical circuits associated with instrumentation, horn systems and wiper/washer systems.  Students will learn on modern training aids using factory service procedures.

AT103 - Braking Systems

In this course students are provided classroom and laboratory hands-on activities concerning the fundamentals of hydraulics and how it relates to a vehicle’s braking system. Master cylinders and power assist units will be discussed, diagnosed and repaired. Disc and drum brakes will be discussed, diagnosed, serviced and repaired.

AT101 - Engine Repair

This course combines lecture and laboratory hands-on activities, focusing on the fundamentals of automotive engine repair and rebuilding.  Students will learn how to disassemble, diagnose, measure and repair cylinder heads, engine blocks, pistons and connecting rods, crankshafts and valve trains.

SS100 - The Automobile and Society

Over the course of its history the automobile rapidly developed from an expensive toy for the rich into the standard for passenger transport in most of the world.  In this course students will learn about the effect of the automobile on society, especially during the 20th century.

AT108 - Automotive Electrical Foundations

This course combines lecture and laboratory hands-on activities, focusing on the fundamentals of an automobile electrical system. Emphasis will be placed on direct current electricity, basic electrical theory, series and parallel circuits, power distribution, electrical test equipment and the understanding of wiring diagrams.