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Automotive Technician

Gain a comprehensive automotive education! In our automotive technician programs, you’ll work on the same equipment used by the big automakers as you learn how to effectively service all types of vehicles.
New York ADI Program in Automotive area:
Certified Automotive Technician (8 to 12 months) Click here for more info!
Master Certified Automotive Technician (12 to 18 months) Click here for more info!
Our automotive programs include:
  Engine Performance

Truck and Diesel Technician

This could be the start of something big. If you’re fascinated by trucks, tractors, trailers, and other heavy-duty machines, these are the programs for you. Using equipment from Caterpillar, Mack, Cummins, Detroit, and others, you can learn how to test, diagnose, and repair in these areas:
New York ADI Program in Truck and Diesel area:
Certified Truck and Diesel Technician (8 to 18 months) Click here for more info!
Master Truck and Diesel Technician (12 to 18 months) Click here for more info!
Our truck and diesel programs include:
  Diesel Engines
  Electrical/Electronic Systems
  Preventative Maintenance
  Steering and Suspension

Collision Repair Technician

Whether it’s buffing out small dings, popping minor dents, or taking on a total restoration complete with a brand-new paint job, it takes expert hands to get cars and trucks looking like new again.
New York ADI Program in Collision Repair area:
Master Certified Collision Repair Technician (12 to 18 months) Click here for more info!
Our Collision Repair Program include:
  Nonstructural Analysis and Repair
  Painting and Refinishing
  Structural Analysis and Repair
The automotive service marketplace demands technicians with strong and up-to-date training not only in the basics, but in electronics and computerization, as well. New York Automotive and Diesel Institute strives to provide the highest level of instruction required, utilizing the finest, most up-to-date, training resources. We believe that academic excellence and quality vocational/technical training will provide the student with the essential “tools of the trade” to begin a career as an entry-level technician and pass the ASE certification tests in the areas that they study. This is achieved through both theoretical instruction and “hands on” practical exercises, on equipment found in the field. Graduates will possess the skills necessary to effectively diagnose and service specialized automotive/heavy duty truck and diesel systems. Students will be prepared to meet the requirements of an ever-changing automotive/heavy duty truck and diesel and collision repair service market, thus enhancing the graduate’s technical value, marketability, and employment potential.
Financial aid is available for those who qualify!