Job Interview Dos and Don'ts

With a job interview you must know the dos and don'ts to secure yourself a second interview or even the job. There are some things that are definite don'ts and some that are definite dos. Remember, though, that you are in that job interview to impress and entice the prospective employers into giving you the position you are being interviewed for. So pay attention to the dos, and also pay attention to the don’ts as you do not want to do them.

Job interview Preparation dos and don'ts:

  • Take a copy of your resume and your references.
  • Always attend the job interview in clothes that are tidy and presentable.
  • Always arrive early, as it will look better that you are willing to be on time, take into consideration parking, traffic and finding the destination.
  • Always go to job interview alone. If you bring someone, have them wait outside or in your car.

First initial contact dos and don'ts:

  • In meeting potential employers, always be cheerful and happy. Smile a lot as a cherry happy person always gets ahead of the glum sad ones.
  • Even look happy if you are incredibly nervous, your personality will shine through.
  • Firmly shake the hands of all the people that are interviewing you. This will show them that you’re not afraid of meeting people, and that you are formal and confident.

During the job interview dos and don'ts:

  • A must is to always be yourself no matter what, don't try and pretend to be someone you aren't. They will see through it the first day of work you attend if you get the job.
  • Do not slouch in your chair; sit up right with good posture. Keep eye contact when someone is talking to you.
  • Keep your hands on your lap; do not fidget with them, sometimes you can use your hands to express what you are talking about.

Answering Questions dos and don'ts

  • Do not use words such as "um" and "ar." Always thinks out a question and answer politely and formally.
  • Do not leave long pauses between a question and an answer. If you don't know the answer to something, just say so or ask them to explain it a little further.
  • Do not use ‘slang’ words. Also, a little courtesy such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.
  • Most importantly, answer the question and the question only; do not overelaborate answers so much that you can make a story out of them.

Asking questions dos and don'ts:

  • Do not ask questions about salary or time-off or compensation, as it will appear to the interviewers that you are only after money.
  • Pre-job interview research about the company is great as you can ask the company about their history or the department the job is in.

Leaving the job interview dos and don'ts:

  • When leaving the interview whether it went well or not, always shake the interviewer’s hands and thank them for the job interview and say "It was nice meeting you."
  • It is always great to leave the job interview on great terms, especially with recruitment and how people swap their jobs a lot, as one interviewer could be at another company in the future and could well remember you, and you want to be remembered on a positive note. Especially if you are in the running for the job, you want them to think, WOW that person was really nice and polite, and he actually bothered to shake our hands and say thank you. Another good thing to do is to write each person that interviewed you a thank you letter as well.

If you remember the dos and don'ts when going and partaking in a job interview you should be fine, confident and it should be recognized by the employer, and hopefully you will be able to get that wonderful job you have been dreaming of.