Job Interview Questions and Answers

In a job interview there is an array of common questions that you could be asked, and how you answer them is a deciding factor whether or not you will get the job. All questions must be answered in a confident and clear way, so the job interviewer knows exactly where you are coming from. Always be prepared for different questions, but remember that there a few common ones that always pop up in interviews, so always remember how to answer them. 

A common sample job interview question is "What are your long- and short-term goals, and how are you going to achieve them?" This is a great common question as the job interviewer can see whether or not you are growth-oriented, career-wise. 

A good way to start on how you answer this common question is to sit down and actually find out what they are. 

Grab a piece of paper and divide it into two columns, one for short-term goals and one for long-term goals. The aim of this is to see what your goals are then afterwards, write down HOW you are going to achieve them, and what you are doing at the moment to complete them. 

These are some common sample questions: 
Long-term goal sample: To save for a deposit on a house
How I am going to achieve this sample: Save certain amount each year or month, and cut down on impulse buys and unnecessary items. 

Short-term goal sample: Find a really great job that is challenging and enjoyable
How I am going to achieve this sample: Apply for roles that excite me and give my all on job interviews. 

After doing that sit down and think, what will the job interviewer be wanting me to say? This corresponds with the job you are applying for. Try not to be too common and answer it in a way everyone else does; be original. Always choose the answers that show you have ambition, drive, determination, and a great will to achieve. That is what they want to see, not someone who is not willing to strive for something he wants. 

Suppose you are in the interview and all the common questions are thrown at you. You’re answering them with ease, before a question you've prepared comes, "What are your long- and short-term goals, and how are you going to achieve them?" 

Do not panic sit there and think about how you prepared for this common question, take a deep breath and say, "Long-term-wise, I want to be able to save for a deposit for a house, I'm saving each week and cutting down on all the impulse buys. It’s something I really want so I'm trying my best to get it.  

"My short-term goal is to find a position that I am comfortable with, and that I enjoy and feel challenged with. 

Of course, your answers may vary from the above common question samples but all answers must be truthful and on point. Don't try and elaborate on and on about unnecessary information. I hope this information and the samples above help you in answering the interview questions.   

Sample Interview Questions 
In a job interview it is a given that you are going to get asked a LOT of questions by the interviewers. Hopefully you will take this opportunity to ask the job interviewers some questions as well. Those questions will assess your personality, your goals, objectives, and attitude, as well as how well you will fit the position and the company. How you answer these questions and how you portray yourself in the job interview will determine whether or not you will get the position. 

Everyone worries about how they are going to answer the questions and how they are going to be perceived by the job interviewer. Remember, though, that if you answer the questions clearly and precisely throughout the interview, you will do just fine. 

As much as possible, avoid appearing nervous since that will manifest in  the way you answer the questions as well as the way you behave. Be calm. Be yourself and stop behaving like someone that you are not. Most likely, the job interviewers are only looking to find that sample of greatness that you have inside! 

Below are two sample job interview questions for you to read and learn how to answer them so the interviewers would warm up to you. 

What can you bring to this company that no one else can?
This question is designed so the interviewer can assess how you value your skills and credentials, why you are the best, and why you think that you can be great at this job. This is a crucial question that you have to answer right as you are selling yourself and trying to entice the employer to hire you based on your abilities and how you think that you are the best and the right fit for the position. 

Sample response: I feel that I have great communication skills, I love dealing with customers and working with people, and I feel that my skills could contribute a lot to your company. 

What are the things that motivate you?
In this question, your response can show the interviewers your full potential. Tell them what makes you get up in the morning, what fills you with excitement and passion, and what lights your eyes up when you speak of them. 

Sample response: My kids motivate me to get up every morning; they look up to me as a role model. Or something along the lines of a hobby, such as gardening or fishing. 

Also, tell them what serves as your motivation to apply for the job. Do you strive for customer satisfaction? Do you love achieving targets and deadlines? If so, then tell them everything you love about the position you are applying for. Nevertheless, try to make it simple and professional, and never answer that you want the position because of the benefits you will receive as an employee. 

Sample response: I love the challenge of working in this industry, I love striving to achieve goals, and I love the variety of duties involved as well as the confidence and feeling of achievement when I have completed a job. 

One reminder: Be careful with how you word your answers to questions. An employer would get turned off if he senses that based on your tone, you are more enthused to talk about your hobby rather than the position you are applying for.      

Good Answers to Interview Questions 
If you have ever had a job interview you will know how difficult it can be to answer certain questions. Providing good answers to interview questions is not always easy, as an interview is a stressful situation and it is often difficult to find the necessary time for good preparation. In such cases, no matter how good your qualifications or experience might be, if you flunk the interview you might as well say goodbye to your dream job. 

Nonetheless, preparing good answers to interview questions is not a difficult thing to do. Of course, in order to give good answers to interview questions it is necessary to know what the questions will be. While some questions might vary according to certain variables, including the job itself, the mood of the interviewer, the time availability, a job applicant would be safe to assume certain key questions will be asked again and again. 

These are the ones the interviewee can take time to study, and prepare good answers  to; so that in the interview itself, there will be little hesitation or stumbling over words, thus creating a good impression. 

Some questions will relate to how you see your personality, strengths and weaknesses, or other key aspects of your psyche. Although the interviewer will have already gained a good feeling of what you are like through your resume and the first impressions, it is important while you answer any question in a confident manner. Give examples or evidences to back up personal opinions, and when mentioning even negative attributes, find a way of putting them in a good light. 

Giving good answers to interview questions is not always easy. Sometimes there is that unexpected question asked at an interview that you had not prepared for. Again, keep calm and think through the question logically. Nevertheless, while there may be occasional questions asked at an interview that you are not expecting, good preparation will often help you immensely.