TD102 - Diesel Engines

Diesel Engine


TD102 - Diesel Engines 
Credits: 3
Prerequisite(s): AT100 Performance Fundamentals.
Co-requisites: None.
This course combines lecture and laboratory hands-on activities, focusing on the fundamentals of diesel engine repair and rebuilding.  Students will learn how to disassemble, diagnose, measure and repair cylinder heads, engine blocks, pistons and connecting rods, crankshafts and valve trains on Caterpillar and Mack diesel engines. Emphasis will be placed on the proper use of precision measuring tools such as outside micrometers and cylinder bore gauges.  Students will learn to perform a complete diesel engine overhaul. The laboratory component of the course includes various activities that follow the guidelines of the National Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).  A library/internet research written project concerning some aspect of diesel engine overhaul and/or precision component measurement will be assigned and is an integral component of this course.