Dale Lamont Thomas - 2016

My name is Dale Lamont Thomas, I am 46 yrs. I retired from the United States Army after 20 years of honorably service. I enrolled at New York Automotive and Diesel (NYADI) in December 2015. NYADI have a professional structured program from the administration staff to the instructors. The instructors here at NYADI, are teaching the need-to-know, for the students to be employment ready once we have successfully completely our selected course of study as required. I have learned a lot of automotive knowledge, safety techniques and how to properly use tools that will last me a lifetime. I have learned things about myself that I can improve on, that will make me a better person for the job that I choose.  Here at NYADI, I have also learn, how to be on time for class and conduct myself like a professional. I have worked on team builder and build an excellent communication skill with my instructors and other students as well. NYADI has been an awesome experience for me to learn how to apply myself and stay focus. Before attending NYADI, I had no automotive knowledge and understanding on how to do things the safe and right way. NYADI you have taught me that "Tomorrow is promise to those who prepares themselves today!"

Thank you NYADI! Dale Lamont Thomas
NYADI Graduate  | US Army Veteran (Retired) of 20 years of service