NYADI's Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The college will refund 100% of any prepaid tuition if the student requests the refund in writing within three days of the start of a new semester. Thereafter, a nonrefundable registration fee and any books or supplies accepted by the student, will apply.

Any monies paid to the college in excess of the sum due the college will be refunded within 30 days after notification in writing. In the event that such notification is not given in writing, refunds shall be made within 45 days from the date that the college determines that the student withdrew. In computing refunds, the college will consider the student to have been in attendance from the start date until the last date of the semester. Failure to attend class or to pay for tuition does not constitute official withdrawal from the college and does not relieve the student from financial liability.


If the student withdraws or is discontinued after instruction has begun, the college will refund tuition in accordance with the following schedule:


75% of tuition if withdrawal occurs during the first week; 50% of tuition if withdrawal occurs during the second week; 25% of tuition if withdrawal occurs during the third week; no tuition refund will be made if withdrawal occurs after the third week.


Students who withdraw prior to the 60% point (9weeks) of the semester will lose partial eligibility for Title IV federal financial aid and thus may owe a balance to NYADI. Students considering withdrawal are strongly encouraged to meet with the Director of Student Services, Training and Development and the Financial Aid Department.


A credit balance occurs whenever NYADI credits financial aid program funds to a student’s account and the total amount of the FSA funds exceeds the student’s allowable charges. If a disbursement to the student’s account creates a credit balance, the credit balance must be paid directly to the student or parent as soon as possible but no later than 14 days after it is credited to the student’s ledger.

The law requires any excess PLUS loan funds be returned to the parent. The parent may authorize the institution, in writing, to transfer the proceeds of the PLUS loan credit balance directly to the student for whom the loan is made. The institution will not require the student to take any actions to obtain their credit balance. It is the sole responsibility of the institution to pay or make available a credit balance within the 14-day regulatory time frame. For credit balances when a student withdraws, please refer to the institution’s refund policy.


Full payment of all tuition and fees or establishment of Financial Aid is due in advance of the first day of class. Students who experience financial difficulty may make special arrangements with the Financial Aid Office for regularly scheduled payments, unless the F/A Director has determined otherwise. Late payments of 30 days or more could result in suspension of the student until their account is current. All unpaid tuition payments delinquent six or more weeks may be turned over to a collection agency. The collection fee will be paid by the student.