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Student Resources and Services

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Student Resources and Services

Enriching, providing and improving your education experience at NYADI begins with access to the resources you need. New York ADI strives to make our vast resources accessible for all students.  Below is a listing of links on how to find things at NYADI

Contact our Director of Student Services 718-658-0006 Ext 4031 or email at | Click here to submit online form


Click on a link below to Download a Registrar Processing Form

Student performing work on engine for ASE certification

Instructors are available each Friday to help students prepare for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification examinations. A two-hour exam from a previous year is given and the answers reviewed afterwards.

Our Student Services Department is focused on early intervention to address problems before they affect the student’s performance. Department Chairs, meet with students experiencing attendance difficulties. They seek to discover the reasons for the problem and discuss available options with the student, such as class changes, leaves of absence, etc. NYADI does not provide counseling services to students.

Students are informed of available outside governmental and private organizations that advise individuals on a broad range of issues, including emotional problems, childcare, goal setting, decision-making and career planning.

The school does not provide housing, transportation, or child care. However, a current listing of available rental units, local public transportation, and childcare information is available by contacting the Director of Student Services.

The Library/Resources Center contains over 1,000 volumes and 60 hard copy periodical subscriptions. The current space of 2,000 square feet can seat at least 25 students and includes a desk and workspace for the librarian. Internetlinked computers give students access to an array of Automotive, Diesel and Collision databases and industry curriculum like Mercedes Benz, MOPAR, Ford, Daimler Trucks, Isuzu University, i-Car, AllData, Mitchell ProDemand and CCCOne

The Library/Resources Center is open all hours the school is open.

Before classes begin, all new students are given a comprehensive orientation. During the session, all relevant aspects of the school are covered, including academic programs, facilities and resources, faculty and staff, and rules and regulations. Copies of the Student Handbook and Catalog are distributed to each student and their contents reviewed. These include information on student services, dress code, school rules and regulations, grading, financial aid, disciplinary action, standards of satisfactory progress, readmission policy, and drug prevention policy. Because of the paramount importance of safety, the 30-minute Safety Video is viewed, covering all shop and lab safety procedures to be followed. Lab and shop safety rules are distributed to all students. Students are encouraged to ask questions regarding any aspect of their education at NYADI and sign a disclosure statement stating that they have received the above information.

The school provides job placement services to its graduates and alumni. Contacts are maintained with local and national employers. In the student’s last semester, the Placement Department offers a career development seminar and assistance in resume writing and job interview techniques, as well as help in setting up appointments. Students are advised throughout the placement process. While the college cannot guarantee a job, every effort is made to assist students in finding employment related to their training, throughout their lifetime.

Participation in the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) Preparation Program is required of all Ability-To-Benefit students who are enrolled in an Eligible Career Pathway Program.

All instructors are available each day to help students, for one-half hour before classes begin and two hours after class. The Director of Academic Assessment is responsible for assessment and placement. When remediation is required the student is advised and directed toward activities that will address academic deficiencies.