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Automotive Training FAQ

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Automotive Training FAQ

Explore some of the common questions about automotive training, and get the answers you need to decide if this is the right career path for you. Read our automotive training FAQs to learn more.


General FAQs

If there is a school closure due to inclement weather or other emergency, your classes will move to a fully remote option (meaning zoom and theory to be done from home that day whether or not you have lab or theory) For example, If it is normally a lab day for you, your lab will be changed to an online session for that day.

To verify if the school is opened or closed you should check on the website and/or email for an update. Then you will know how to proceed for the day.

In most cases, employers will require that you complete an apprenticeship or complete auto mechanic education and training in a post-secondary program.

Full time classes start every three weeks and part time classes start every five weeks.

Email us here or call us at 718-658-0006 for more information and an admissions representative will contact you.

Financial aid is available to those who qualify. To find out if you qualify, contact our financial aid department.

Although automotive training certification isn’t a legal requirement to work in most auto mechanic jobs, it can lead to increased opportunities and higher salaries.

Yes. Our school is licensed by the New York State Education Department.

Yes. Our school is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Our placement department will assist you every step of the way from writing a resume to arranging a job interviews for auto mechanic jobs with a respected company.

Automotive technicians can find auto mechanic careers in a variety of settings, including auto shops, garages, and dealerships.

Yes. Veterans benefits are available to those who qualify.

We are recognized by:
New York State Educational Department (ACCES)
New York State Department of Labor
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
ASA (Automotive Service Association)
ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges )
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Veterans Administration

It takes the best to be the best. Graduates will receive our exclusive Snap-on Tool set.

An automotive technician is someone who is trained to work on a variety of automotive systems and parts, and on a variety of vehicles from small cars to large transports.

High School Student FAQs

At NYADI you will learn up-to-date automotive training not only in the basics, but in electronics and computerization as well, to provide the highest level of instruction required to pursue your education goals.

A campus tour and visit to our school’s Financial Aid Office will help determine eligibility for the various types of financial assistance. No two people are alike! Everyone has different financial situations and obligations; therefore the outcomes of the Financial Aid consultations are on a case-by-case basis.

The cost depends on which program the student is enrolling in. Students may also be eligible for Financial Aid. The best and only way to give an answer on cost would be to visit our campus and sit down with financial aid professionals to discuss financial options.

Yes! We provide job placement assistance to current students and graduates of our school.

Yes. We give the extra attention needed to students who are having challenges comprehending the coursework. Fridays are also set aside as an additional tutoring day.

Students and/or their parents need to contact NYADI’s Admissions Department to schedule an interview. Interviews can either take place in the convenience of the students’ homes or at our campus. During the process, the Representative, the student, and the family will discuss which career options best suit the student’s needs, while they take a tour of our modern facility and meet some of our certified instructors. The Representative will then be able to determine if the candidate should be recommended a seat in one of our scheduled classes, we also offer the TASC program for students who want to earn their GED.

Generally our programs start at various times throughout the year. However, class start dates are based on space availability and may be subject to change. Please contact our Admissions Department for further information.

High School students can register at any time during their senior year. However, we strongly recommend that students register for classes well in advance and as soon as possible. This will ensure that their seat is reserved in the program of their choice.

Student Services FAQs

If there is a school closure due to inclement weather or other emergency, your classes will move to a fully remote option (meaning zoom and theory to be done from home that day whether or not you have lab or theory) For example, If it is normally a lab day for you, your lab will be changed to an online session for that day.

To verify if the school is opened or closed you should check on the website and/or email for an update. Then you will know how to proceed for the day.

You can speak to your admissions rep or the student services staff to start the process, there is a change of session form, to be completed. You will need to meet with Bursar and FA to make sure your finances are covered and to determine which start date you will be able to start the new session. There are only certain times in the semester where you may return. There is a fee to change your session

You can request an Official Transcript through the Registrar’s office. There is a $10 fee to be paid to the bursar, you can do that via email or over the phone. Once the fee is paid the registrar can send an official transcript to the address you provide.

If you fail a course, due to poor attendance or poor academic performance, you will need to retake the class. Just remember that you are charged again when you retake the class. Before you get to the point of failing you should really make the effort to do everything you can to pass the class; attend extra help, make sure your attendance is spot on, or speak to an Advisor or Instructor to guide you.

You need to purchase a new pair of goggles by paying a $10 fee to the bursar, and then you will be given the goggles.

You can contact the college, and let them know you would like to take a refresher class. There is no fee to do so. You can complete the “Refresher Form”, then the Registrar will determine eligibility and then will schedule you for the class we are offering that was a part of your major.

There are several things you can do. If you are having difficulty keeping up the first step would be to reach out to the instructor, to see if they can help by either reviewing information with you, they have office and extra help hours after class ends. You can also see if there is tutoring available in the library for particular topics. If your struggles are with attendance, that is something that is your responsibility, but if you need help with organization and time management we can help you with that.

You may meet with our Career Advisors, in the Career Office. Generally, they meet with you after you complete two classes. We help with resume writing, interview skills and have many local connections in the automotive industry that we use to refer students too. Remember, we can get you the interview, but you have to be prepared to look and do your best.

If you left or were dropped from the program, you must reach out to the Registrar’s office, to begin the re-entry process. There is a re-entry form you need to complete as well as an essay, explaining why you are requesting to come back and what is/will be different this time. You also need to meet with The Bursar to pay $25.00 of the $50.00 re-entry fee and to determine if you have a balance on your account. You will then also meet with the Financial Aid office, to re-establish your financing, and determine when you will return. Once that is complete you will be scheduled to come in and meet with the re-entry committee. They will determine your eligibility to return. If you are accepted to return, you will be registered for a class. Just a note: If you are out longer than one calendar year, you will need to repeat all the classes for your major.

You can speak with the Academic Advisor, and must complete a change of major form. You must also meet with the FA office and Bursar, to make sure you are covered. The change can be made only at the end or the beginning of a semester. There is also a fee to change your major.

To see what the next class you are scheduled for you can access that by looking at your student portal in Campus Café. Your Username is usually your first initial and last name, and your password is your ID number. You should have been sent an email when you first started at NYADI with the sign-on information, if you do not have that email, you can contact a staff member in student services and we can help you.

You can meet with your Advisor in Student Services at any time to find out the classes you need to complete your degree. Not only can you find out that information, but you can also find out how many more classes you need, your overall GPA and work on any academic difficulties you are having. Each segment you will be registered for another class, and that class will be posted on your student portal in campus café.