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Graduation and Employment Data

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Automotive School Graduation and Employment Data in Jamaica, New York

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At NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, we’re committed to helping our students succeed. We are proud to have strong graduation and job placement rates at our automotive school in Jamaica, New York. Find data about our graduation and employment rates, and learn more about how NYADI offers a wide range of services to help students graduate on time and pursue the careers they want.

Recent Graduation and Employment Data

NYADI publishes data on graduation rates and job placement rates for students in each of our certificate and associate degree programs:

A paper copy of each report is available upon request.

Student Support Services

While NYADI cannot guarantee job placement after graduation, we are dedicated to providing an ecosystem of supportive services to help each student thrive. All students at NYADI have access to the following benefits:

Employment Skills Enhancement Program

NYADI students are required to participate in an Employment Skills Enhancement Program as part of their certificate or degree. The program includes:

  • A diagnostic exam to measure student proficiency in:
    • Arithmetic
    • Reading comprehension
    • Sentence skills
  • An online, self-paced course tailored to students’ diagnostic exam results
  • A placement exam to illustrate student progress in communication and mathematics

There is no additional charge for this program. Placement assistance from Career Services is contingent on completion of the Employment Skills Enhancement Program.

Tutoring Services

While every effort is made to make course material engaging and accessible, we realize that some students may need one-on-one assistance. Students who are struggling with their coursework can sign up for tutoring services. Instructors provide general tutoring four days a week.

Career Services

The Career Services department at NYADI helps students with resume writing, interviewing skills, and job search techniques. Staff can also provide letters of recommendation and individual advising.  The Career Services office is open Monday through Thursday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Library-Resource Center

For students who need to use a computer or want a quiet place to study, the Library-Resource Center at NYADI is open Monday through Friday. The library holds a comprehensive collection of reference books as well as general interest books, and we subscribe to many industry magazines and periodicals. Our staff librarians are available onsite to help you find the resources you need.

Tool Voucher Program

To help recent graduates access the equipment they’ll need in the workplace, NYADI awards students with a voucher valued at $750 upon graduation. This voucher can be used to purchase Snap-on brand tools and equipment.

Refresher Course Option

Did you know that students can stay connected to NYADI after they graduate? Program graduates can take a refresher class to help them brush up on industry knowledge. There is no fee to do so. The Registrar’s Office will determine refresher course eligibility.

Learn More about NYADI’s Programs

If you’re looking for an automotive school with excellent graduation and employment rates, choose NYADI in Jamaica, NY. The comprehensive support services at NYADI help our students to excel in their coursework and job searches. To get more information about our programs, contact us today.