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Mission Statement/Goals

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Mission Statement/Goals

NYADI – The College of Transportation Technology’s mission is to provide educational opportunity to those who are interested in learning a trade, including graduating high school students, adults, Veterans and students from non-traditional backgrounds who have been underrepresented in higher education. NYADI will provide these students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary for successful career entry, development and advancement.

These are the goals to support the institution’s mission:

To offer competency-based programs that develop technical skills, in the automotive industry that will enable students to successfully enter the workplace upon graduation and/or to pursue continuing education;

To offer academic programs that develop general academic skills, including written and oral communication, quantitative reasoning, critical analysis and reasoning, use of computer technologies, and information literacy;

To foster the personal and professional development of our students so that they learn to accept responsibility, become more self-aware and confident, work effectively with others, deepen their understanding of values and ethics, and continue learning throughout their lifetimes;

To maintain a well-qualified faculty committed to student learning and to their own continuing professional development;

To provide academic support and student services that will help students resolve academic, financial, or personal problems that may interfere with their ability to persist;

To provide facilities, laboratories, computing and automotive and diesel equipment that is well maintained and reflective of the current needs of employers;

To provide library resources and services that will support academic programs and help students to develop information literacy skills;

To assist students in finding employment related to their training.