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Bursar Frequently Asked Questions

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Bursar Frequently Asked Questions

Tablet And Equipment


Q.  How do I access my 1098T?

A.  Login to the student portal and follow download directions. Click Here!

Snap-on Tools

When do I receive the voucher for my Snap-on tool?

Blank Snap-on tool voucher is handed to you when your status is graduate, your account reflects zero balance and your requesting clearance from the Bursar’s Office on the Graduation Clearance Check List.

How long will it take for me to receive my tools once I complete the Snap-on tool voucher?

Once the Snap-on tool voucher is submitted to Snap-on; we advise students it may take 6 to 8 weeks for the items to ship via UPS.

What happens if I spend more than the $750 Snap-on tool voucher?

You are required to pay the difference before the voucher can be submitted.

Can I place additional Snap-on orders with the school?

The Snap-on tool voucher can only be used once. We advise students to create an account at which you can use to purchase tools at a discount directly while enrolled.

How do I find out when the Snap-on truck is visiting the school?

An email is sent to your NYADI the College of Automotive & Diesel Technology email a week in advance from the Director of Student Services informing students the date and time of the Snap-on truck visit.

Note: Student is advised to review with an Instructor items to purchase, complete the Snap-on voucher and bring to Bursar’s Office.

Making payments & TFC Contract

What do I do if I have not received my TFC Payment Booklet to start making payments?

We advise you to come and speak with the Financial Aid Department or the Bursar. We will check the TFC website or contact TFC to find out why you have not received the TFC Payment Booklet. We also advise you that the contract you signed provides the date and amount to be paid so you should not wait for the TFC Payment Booklet.

What do I do if I cannot pay using credit or debit card?

We understand that not all students may have use of credit or debit card; therefore, the Bursar’s Office accepts cash at the school towards your TFC contract. We notify TFC when payments are collected on their behalf by sending an email.

Do I get a receipt when I make a payment at the Bursar’s Office?

Yes, a printed receipt is given to you at the time the payment is accepted regardless of the payment method.

Is there a fee for being late on a payment?

Yes, the TFC Contract stipulates that if a payment is not received 10 days from the due date, you will be charged a $10 late fee.

Are there any consequences for not making my TFC payments?

NYADI internal policy is if a student is late making payments on their TFC Contract, we will reach out to that student via telephone, email or pulled from class. If we are unable to reach student, a slip is given to their Instructor to send the student to the Bursar’s Office or the schedule for the upcoming segment is placed on “Bursar Block” preventing you from attending until we speak with you or receive payment.

Who can I speak with if I am having difficulty making my TFC payments?

You can speak with a staff member in the Financial Aid Department or the Bursar who will try to assist you. You can also speak with Career Services for job placement assistance.

Do I receive my certificate of program completion if my TFC Contract is past due or I have a balance?

Certificate of program completion is only awarded if you have a zero balance.

Requesting Refund

How do I know if I can request a refund check?

Generally, a student who has a TFC or Internal Payment plan will not have excess funds to request a refund check. Students can make inquiries with a staff member from the Financial Aid Department.

How long does it take for me to get my refund check if I completed a request?

At the time of completing the Student Refund Request form, you would have been notified that it may take 3 to 4 weeks.

How do I find out when the refund check is available for me to pick-up?

Active students, the Bursar will contract you via telephone when your check is ready for pick-up. All others are mailed.