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Employment Skill Enhancement Program

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Employment Skill Enhancement Program

The truck and automotive repair and maintenance industry has changed. The men and women working in this field are no longer known as grease monkeys. They are not even regarded as mechanics anymore. They are acknowledged as technicians, and for good reason. The technician is the name given to the professionals in the automotive field.

As part of your training, and at no additional charge, NYADI’s Employment Skills Enhancement Program is designed to improve your marketability, which will give you an advantage in the employment field.

Students passing the placement exam will earn an ESEP certificate. This certificate along with a passed Student Exit/Performance Exam will confirm the student’s Depth of Knowledge and automotive competencies. Career services will add these valuable employment assets to the student’s resume. Students will be required to take the Accuplacer diagnostic exam when enrolling or on their day of orientation (approx. 3 hrs.); Log in and participate in the My Foundations Lab course for ten weeks; Take the Accuplacer placement exam. Exit/Performance Exam information and applications are available at career services.

Today’s technician will be required to be proficient in basic math in order to:

  • Distinguish tools, fasteners, and part sizes.
  • Formulate fluid capacities and mixtures.
  • Calculate gear ratios, torque, and horsepower.
  • Evaluate tailpipe emissions.
  • Interpret the properties of electronics.

Today’s technician will be required to be proficient in reading in order to:

  • Search online manuals for theory and procedures.
  • Comprehend Technical Service Bulletins.
  • Understand recall campaigns.

Today’s technician will be required to be proficient in sentence skills in order to:

  • Communicate clearly with clients, coworkers, and employers.
  • Speak and write in full sentences.
  • Speak and write in grammatically correct sentences.
  • Fill out repair orders.
These are all essential skills required to meet the new demands of the automotive industry. Employers will be looking for these qualities for hiring, salary, and promotions.  The industry has transformed and the bar has been raised for today’s technician. The expectations of a technician are higher. To meet these expectations NYADI has incorporated an Employment Skills Enhancement Program. The program consists of:
  • An Accuplacer diagnostic exam that measures proficiency in Arithmetic, Reading Comprehension, and Sentence Skills.
  • An online self-pace My Foundations Lab course, custom made in accordance with the scores calculated on the diagnostic exam.
  • An Accuplacer placement exam that illustrates the progress made in these vital proficiencies.