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Snap-on Student Excellence Program

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Snap-On Student Excellence Program in Jamaica, NY

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Tools for School, Tools for your Career, Tools for Life!

The Snap-on Student Excellence Program allows full-time technical students meeting the required qualifications the opportunity to purchase professional quality Snap-on tools at discounted prices. Students at NYADI The College of Transportation Technology get quality tools needed for classroom training that they can then take into their career as auto technicians. Full-time students enrolled in the program can purchase up to $12,000 worth of tools at list price value plus one roll cart/cab and one top chest.

Who is eligible for the Snap-On SEP?

Any full-time student enrolled at participating automotive or technical training school can qualify for the Snap-on SEP. All full-time students must also be fulfilling their curriculum requirements to be eligible for the SEP. The program allows you, the technician-in-training, to purchase selected Snap-on tools at a discount.

Benefits of the Snap-On Student Excellence Program in Jamaica, NY

Understanding that the technical skills you learn today make you a valuable, sought-after professional upon graduation, Snap-on tools is proud to be the supplier of premium tools and equipment you use in your technical programs and your career. Auto technicians are important for tomorrow’s workforce, and having quality tools and equipment is necessary for their on-job success. As a participant in the Snap-on Student Excellence Program, you will enjoy these and many more benefits:

Receive Discounts on Snap-on Tools

As a student, purchasing the tools and equipment needed for your technical programs can become expensive. However, as a participant in the Snap-on SEP, you will receive discounts on quality Snap-on tools needed in the classroom that you can take with you while pursuing your technical career.

Receive Exclusive Student-Only Offers

Playing a major role in the future of technicians, having premium tools is a must. As a technician-in-training, purchasing lasting tools shouldn’t be a financial burden. Therefore, enrolling in the Snap-on Student Excellence Program gives you special student-only offers to buy the equipment needed at an affordable price. All the tool sets, hand tools, torque tools, diagnostics, and tool storage in the SEP catalog are available for student pricing.

Be prepared for your career with the tools used by today’s professionals

Snap-on tools are widely used across the auto industry because of their quality and durability. By using top-quality tools and equipment during your training, you’ll become job-ready upon graduating.

Be the first to learn about special pricing and promotions

Once enrolled in the program, you’ll receive updates about upcoming promotions and price discounts to purchase all the tools for life during your growing technical career.

How to register for the Snap-On Student Excellence Program?

Registration for the Snap-on Student Excellence Program is simple on the Snap-on Student Excellence website. Full-time technical students at NYADI can also speak to Ken Doran, our Education Account Manager, to place their order through the Snap-on SEP.

Ken Doran, Education Account Manager


Phone: 908-309-4573

Fax: 718-228-5481

NYADI Offers the Support to Advance Your Career

With automotive, diesel, and collision repair fields seeing job growth in recent years, enrolling at NYADI allows you to capitalize on this growth. The Snap-on Student Excellence Program at NYADI helps prepare technical students for their professional careers with the tools and equipment needed to succeed. Contact us to find a program to boost your career in the auto and diesel industry.