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Success Stories – Testimonials

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Anthony Ali

NYADI Graduate I recently graduated from NYADI The College of Transportation Technology with two certificates: one in Automotive Service Technology and the other in Collision Repair Technology. I had no idea what my career choice would be until I found NYADI. I was given the skills that I needed to obtain a career in Automotive Service Technology. The instructors and staff were great and I received all the hands- on experience I needed to start my career. NYADI was a great match for me for which I am very grateful. I highly recommend NYADI The College of Transportation Technology to anyone looking for a great college to obtain skills for a technical career.

Maleek Greaves

NYADI Graduate The Career Services department at NYADI was very helpful to me when I needed it. Susan always made sure you had options so you choose what’s right for you. There were always plenty of jobs to start your career path and because of their dedication. I’m currently working at Firestone as a Maintenance Technician and I’m using this as a stepping stone to get farther into my career as an Automotive Technician. For the BMW Step program, they’re not just looking for people in good academic standing but people with the motivation to start on a path to success. The process is pretty simple. You apply online and they contact you for an interview. If you get selected, they sign you up to the class and that’s it.
Dale Lamont Thomas

NYADI Graduate I retired from the United States Army after 20 years of honorable service and enrolled at New York Automotive and Diesel (NYADI). The instructors here at NYADI are teaching the need-to-know information for the students to be employment ready once we have successfully completed our selected course of study as required. I have learned a lot of automotive knowledge, safety techniques and how to properly use tools that will last me a lifetime.
Monica Perry

NYADI Graduate I am so proud to be a student at NYADI where I have completed the Certified Truck and Diesel Technician Certificate, Certified Master Truck and Diesel Program and am currently enrolled in the Master Certified Collision Repair Program. As a veteran and a female mechanic I highly recommend NYADI. My experience at NYADI has allowed me to meet the most extraordinary people and has opened many doors for me and my future.
Jeorge Madoff

NYADI Graduate I completed the Mopar Cap program through the New York Automotive and Diesel Institute. They helped me get a job at the Westbury Dodge Chrysler Jeep dealership. I went for my interview and got a call back that I was hired and one week later I began working. I work Fridays, Saturday and Sunday. During the week I continued my education at NYADI, and now that I have graduated I will start my full time position. Since I am ahead I will get better pay because the school’s Mopar Cap training program gave me an advantage.
Kary Barker

NYADI Graduate In October 2017 the career services department hosted a job fair at NYADI. I met with MV Transportation at the fair and was later asked to interview at their job site. At the interview I mentioned that I was a graduate of NYADI and the recruiter was very impressed, therefore I got hired on the spot. Now that I found a successful career, I will be receiving a high salary, pension and a full benefits package.

Sterlin Emile

NYADI Graduate I would like to take the opportunity to let you know that I Sterlin Emile have completed all my requirements. I started with partial experience in automotive, with no experience in diesel. Entering and completing the program I have learned a whole lot more about automotive and diesel program. I am very thankful I made the right choice of coming to NYADI.
Now I am pretty confident to go into the work force with the experience which I have learned at NYADI. And now with my experience I can refer as many people as possible to diesel and automotive program. Let me take the time to thank the administration staff and recruiter staff, teachers and custodian staff for making NYADI a true experience. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. May god bless and keep everyone of you in Jesus Name.

Daniel Rodriguez

NYADI Graduate I graduated from NYADI in August 2016 in the diesel field.
When I attended NYADI I received the skills, knowledge and the support from the instructors and staff which created a tremendous benefit to me.
Before graduation I worked in the diesel field and while I was there I was promoted to shop manager and then offered to buy the business (NDK group Inc.)
I am now very successful in my business and very happy that NYADI gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream.

Wai-Sheung Diaz (Rachel)

NYADI Graduate
My Name is Wai-Sheung Diaz (Rachel). I am 39 years old. I have 6 children and 3 grand babies. I Proudly served the United States Army for 6 Years. I wanted a braand new start for a career. I first enrolled in New York Automotive Institute in the Certified Truck and Disel Technician Program back in November 2015. I graduated in june 2016 and earned my diploma.
I have been blessed to have the support of the stuff, Instructors, Classmates and most importantly my loving family and friends that helped me through some tought times, obstacles and struggles but, I raised above everything.
I feel very accomplished. I even re-enrolled back in june 2016 in the Master Truck and Disel Technician Program. I am about to graduate again, at the end of November 2016. Successfully completing the FIAT Chrysler Mopar cap Program in 39 area of expertise. This experience has been an amazing Journey. I am going to continue moving forward. I am not going to stop ! I encourage all future students to always put yourself in a better position that where you were before.

Mitranand Bipat

NYADI Graduate My Name is Mitranand Bipat, I started the Master Technician Truck and Diesel Program here at New York ADI in 2015 not knowing what to expect after getting out from the Army. To my surprise the experience so far has been amazing. The amount of knowledge I have gain from professional instructors, staff and hand-on experience is second to none. My instructors are very knowledgeable in the subjects they are teaching and always take the discussion back to the industry and its application. Most of all I enjoyed discussion with my instructors and passionate classmates.
My Classmates at New York ADI were always supportive, challenging and always helpful while in class or during lab sessions. Now that I am about to graduate looking back at all the knowledge and skills I have acquired, especially with the certifications I will be leaving New York ADI with, like my 39 modules of Mopar CAP Program, I have nothing else but the world of possibilities that awaits me including opening my one repair shop back in my native country Guyana in South America. I would without a doubt recommend and hope everyone interested in a Diesel Program visit New York Automotive and Diesel Institute.