Student Resources and Services

Enriching, providing and improving your education experience at New York Automotive and Diesel Institute begins with access to the resources you need. New York ADI strives to make our vast resources accessible for all students.  Below is a listing of links on how to find things at NYADI
Student Services 
Contact our Director of Student Services Yesid Caballero at 718-658-0006 Ext 4031 or email at | Click here to submit online form
Individual progress records are permanently maintained for each student and are readily available for inspection. The School provides academic advising to all students to ensure satisfactory progress through the program. Special attention is given to students taking the independent standardized examination requiring additional assistance.
The student must meet the following requirements in order to graduate and qualify for a Program Certificate: Maintain a minimum grade average of seventy percent (70%) (2.0 grade point average) at the end of each academic period (course), these course grades will be used to determine satisfactory academic progress at these intervals; attend a minimum of eighty-five percent (85%) of the scheduled hours of the program; complete all designated requirements (examinations, assignments, etc); complete program within 1.5 times the normal program length (not more than 1,350 hours for the 900 hour programs, 2,160 hours for the 1,440 hour programs and 2,700 hours for the 1,800 hour program). If a student does not complete the program within the maximum period, he/she will be terminated from the program; satisfy all financial obligations to the School.
Students requiring additional assistance with class work may receive personalized tutoring by notifying the instructor that help is needed. The instructor can arrange a time to help students with any areas that they are having difficulty understanding. Instructors are available before and after class. If further help is needed, it can be arranged with the Education Department.  Academic tutoring is available to students that need further assistance in math and basic language skills. The School also provides students with access to external counseling services, as needed, by contacting the Executive Director.
After students graduate from NYADI, they are always welcome to come back and take refresher courses at no additional charge. The student may come back and take the updated version of any course as long as it is offered. We realize that as technology changes, students may need to advance their training further so we offer this additional benefit to all our graduates.
Safety is the number one priority at NYADI. Students should conduct themselves in a manner that ensures safety to themselves and others. Students will be required to attend safety training before lab work begins and will be issued safety goggles that are to be worn at all times during labs. Students must follow these safety rules at all times:
  • Always wear eye protection when required.
  • Avoid anyone who does not take shop work seriously.
  • Keep your shop organized.
  • Never carry sharp tools or parts in your pockets
  • Work like a professional.
  • Use the right tool for the job.
  • Keep guards and shields in place.
  • Lift with your legs, not your back.
  • Use adequate lighting.
  • Ventilate when needed.
  • Never stir up asbestos dust.
  • Jack up a vehicle slowly and safely.
  • Report unsafe conditions to your instructor.
  • Stay away from engine fans.
  • Respect running engines.
  • Do not smoke in the school.
  • Read material safety data sheets when in doubt.
  • Receive instructor permission before using any power tools.