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Trade and Vocational Schools In Jamaica, New York

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Trade and Vocational Schools In Jamaica, New York

The automotive, diesel, and collision industries are some of the most consistently-growing fields in the country. They’re also some of the most demanding. Modern technicians need strong training, not only in the basics but in electronic and computer systems as well. Anyone with the skills required, however, is poised to take advantage of plentiful and stable job opportunities.

At NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, we provide the highest level of instruction to students pursuing careers in the automotive, diesel, and collision industries. Our programs are carefully designed to offer a comprehensive hands-on education that covers topics from the beginning phases of repair to the most advanced diagnostics techniques.

Our Trade and Vocational Programs

The career training programs offered at NYADI are certified by the ASE Education Foundation. They’re also flexible for students from all backgrounds, with both day and evening classes available and career pathways programs for veterans. Our programs include:

Automotive Service Technology– Undergraduate Certificate (45 credits)

This program prepares students in eight areas of ASE Automotive Certification. After three semesters, students can graduate with a well-rounded understanding of engine performance, brakes, steering and suspension, and electrical systems.

Automotive Technology – AOS Degree (60 Credits)

Students in this program are prepared in eight areas of ASE Automotive Certification while simultaneously earning an AOS degree. With a comprehensive understanding of all vehicle systems, they become prepared to begin careers as automotive technicians.

Truck and Diesel Service Technology – Undergraduate Certificate (45 Credits)

This program prepares students in 12 areas of ASE Automotive and Medium/Heavy Truck certification. The program can be completed in three semesters and teaches students the skills they need for careers as entry-level truck and diesel technicians.

Automotive and Diesel Technology– AOS Degree (60 Credits)

Students in this program are prepared in 12 areas of ASE Automotive and Medium/Heavy Truck certification while also earning an AOS degree. They graduate with theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills to allow them to begin careers as truck and diesel technicians.

Collision Repair Technology– Undergraduate Certificate Program (48 Credits)

This program over three semesters prepares students in eight areas of ASE Automotive and Collision Repair Certification. Graduates can perform specialized diagnostic tasks and repairs, as well as refinish vehicles after a collision, making them ready to become collision repair technicians.

Preparing Students for Successful Automotive & Diesel Careers

If you hope to pursue a career in the automotive or diesel industries, consider training at NYADI. Our faculty is composed of some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. And all instructors are ASE-certified and dedicated to passing their knowledge onto their students. Plus, small class sizes allow instructors to work closely and personally with each student, setting them up for the ultimate success in their careers.

Not only is the automotive industry growing, but it is also ever-changing. In response, we are continually updating our courses with both theoretical and real-world knowledge. We aim to prepare our students for the latest in vehicles and technology so they are prepared to meet the demands of their field.

Prepare for the Future with NYADI

Find out more about trade and vocational schools at NYADI by reading testimonials from our graduates or contacting our admissions department with any questions. Or, if you feel ready, apply now to your program of choice in Jamaica, New York.