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What Is the School’s Inclement Weather Policy and Procedure?

If school is closed due to inclement weather or another emergency, in-person classes are canceled and replaced with a fully remote option. Students will have remote classes regardless of the type of class they have scheduled. For example, if a student has a lab on a day the school closes for inclement weather, the lab session moves online as it would for theory. If a student is unsure whether the school is open or closed because of the weather, they’re advised to check their emails or the NYADI website for updates.

Does NYADI offer programs geared toward military veterans?

NYADI is the ideal mechanic school for veterans seeking a career in the automotive industry. Veterans’ benefits are available for those who qualify. During their time serving the country, many veterans develop a range of skills that apply in automotive tech roles, such as material handling or track vehicle repair. Being a part of the military also produces in veterans key transferrable skills, such as leadership and integrity, essential for any job. The federal GI Bill program is perhaps the most noteworthy program for veterans because it helps them finance an

Is certification necessary to become an automotive technician?

Automotive training certification isn’t a legal requirement to apply for most auto mechanic jobs. However, obtaining certification can lead to increased opportunities and higher salaries. Certification from the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) is the industry standard. Auto technicians need at least two years of experience, or a combination of adequate training and one year of experience and must pass an exam to earn certification. Professionals must renew their certification every five years to stay relevant in the constantly evolving world of automotive technology. Technicians can seek ASE certification in

How can I arrange a tour of the facility?

A college tour is a great opportunity to get a feel for the campus and culture before applying. It can help a student determine if the school is the right fit for them, not only for the quality of the academic programs but also for other accommodations, like housing and career services. For more information about upcoming tours, call the Admissions Office at 718-658-0006 to speak to a representative. You can also send an email to Directions to NYADI are also available with information about bus, subway, and rail transportation.

What is the Inclement Weather Policy and Procedure?

If there is a school closure due to inclement weather or other emergency, your classes will move to a fully remote option (meaning zoom and theory to be done from home that day whether or not you have lab or theory) For example, If it is normally a lab day for you, your lab will be changed to an online session for that day. To verify if the school is opened or closed you should check on the website and/or email for an update. Then you will know how to proceed

Do I need a post-secondary education to become an automotive technician?

Although some high school courses, such as certain math and technology classes, provide a good background for students who wish to become auto technicians, additional education is typically required to apply for jobs. A post-secondary program, such as those offered at NYADI, is seen as ideal preparation for entry-level jobs among employers. Some employers also require applicants to have completed an apprenticeship.

How often do classes start?

Full-time classes begin every three weeks, and part-time classes start every five weeks. NYADI offers both options to ensure more students can gain the training they need while balancing other life responsibilities. Prospective students can learn more about upcoming start dates from the Admissions Office.

Can I get financial aid to attend NYADI?

At NYADI, our goal is to help as many students as possible enroll and complete our programs to begin pursuing their career aspirations. Our financial aid services include helping students determine their eligibility for aid by completing the FAFSA form and establishing a tuition plan that suits their budget. To find out if you qualify, contact the Financial Aid Office at 718-658-0006 ext. 4030 to speak to an advisor. You can also send an email with questions to