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Why Technical Schooling Is a Great Alternative To Community College

Whether you’re just graduating high school or looking to further your career prospects, you may be caught between choosing a community college or a technical college, like NYADI. While one avenue often leads to a degree, the other offers on-the-job experience. Here’s why technical colleges make great alternatives to community colleges.

Train For The Job You Want

Traditional community colleges offer a vast array of classes in general education subjects, such as English, history and mathematics. Course requirements may also necessitate that you take classes that have little or nothing to do with your major. While these stipulations may be ideal for someone who’s unsure of what field they want to enter, if you already know your career path, taking unrelated classes may divert your attention from your end goal.

Technical schools, on the other hand, offer highly specified, career-focused classes. And these classes usually combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on training, giving students real-world experience before entering the workforce. While some programs may lead to an associate’s degree, others may prepare you for a certificate exam, depending on the technical college.

A Better Time And Money Investment

Community college programs generally take two years to complete, while technical school programs tend to be shorter in length. However, technical schools have a tendency to be more expensive, because they offer specialized programs. Still, many technical colleges offer financial aid to eligible students in the form of scholarships, grants, student loans, veteran’s benefits and more, making technical schooling more cost-effective than community college in some cases.

Whether you’re just beginning your search or are committed to attending a technical college, check out the academic programs offered by NYADI. For more information or to speak with an admission advisor, call 800-906-8086.