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TD202 – Diesel Fuel Systems

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TD202 – Diesel Fuel Systems

Credits: 3 | Prerequisite(s): AT100 Performance Fundamentals, TD102 Diesel Engines. | Co-requisites: None

This lecture/laboratory course begins with the discussion diesel engine fuel composition from crude oil to the distillation and compounding of fuels in accordance with American Petroleum Institute’s standards. Fuel delivery systems are discussed in detail including fuel tanks, pumps, fuel lines and filtration devices. The various mechanical and electronic fuel injection systems used on diesel engines are discussed in great detail with an emphasis engine performance and diesel emission requirements. The laboratory component of the course includes various activities that follow the guidelines of the National Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). A library/internet research written project concerning some aspect of a diesel engine’s fuel delivery system and/or fuel injection system will be assigned and is an integral component of this course.