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5 Mechanic Safety Tips for Working in the Garage

When working in an auto repair garage, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to help protect you, your coworkers and your customers from accidental injuries. That’s why NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology puts a strong emphasis on safety in our coursework, ensuring that all students graduate with a clear understanding of the importance of a safe work facility. Below, we outline five safety tips that all automotive technicians should adhere to while working in the shop.

1. Don’t smoke in or near the garages.

Auto repair shops are filled with vehicles – vehicles which contain a roster of flammable and combustible fluids. Should they come in contact with an open flame or even hot ash, they can catch on fire. So be safe, and steer clear of smoking near repair bays.

2. Keep your work area clean.

A messy, cluttered garage can be dangerous. Minimize the risk of injuries due to falling objects, trips and falls by maintaining your work area. Make sure to pick up and organize your tools and clean up oil and fluid spills, keeping walkways free from hazards.

3. Wear protective gear.

Repair and restoration work involves a specific set of risks. When painting, welding, grinding and performing other tasks, always practice good safety habits. That means wearing masks, respirators, eye goggles, gloves and protective clothing as deemed necessary.

4. Know where fire extinguishers are at all times.

Should a fire arise – be it gas, oil or electrical – you need to put it out quickly for the safety of every person and every vehicle in the shop. Besides knowing the locations of the fire extinguishers in the garage, you should also double-check that they’re not expired or in need of recharging.

5. Never work under a vehicle that isn’t properly supported.

Most vehicles on the road today weigh anywhere between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds. With that much tonnage, you surely don’t want to work underneath an unsecured vehicle that weighs 20 times more than you do. When accessing the underside of a vehicle, be sure to properly jack it up.

Practice Good Safety

These are just a few of the safety precautions mechanics should take every day on the job. For a complete list of safety tips, consult with your supervisor or shop owner.

If you’re looking to become a certified auto mechanic, learn all the ins and outs of the industry by applying to NYADI today. We’ll teach you the proper safety precautions you’ll need to utilize day in and day out over the course of your career.