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Automotive technician holding tablet while inspecting under hood of car

A Degree in Automotive Technology Can Prepare You for the Future

Automotive technology is always changing, and as a mechanic, you need to be up to date with the latest developments. Mechanics need to know what technology is out there, and what technology is on the rise. At NYADI The College of Transportation Technology in Jamaica, New York, our automotive programs are constantly updated as industry standards change. This helps make sure our students are prepared for the job market. We also teach them the skills they’ll need to continue keeping up with change. Keeping Up With Automotive Technology Governments around the world

Close-up of mechanic using socket wrench on diesel engine

How Much Does Diesel Mechanic School Cost?

Many people think the cost of attending diesel mechanic school is enough to derail their dreams. But at NYADI The College of Transportation Technology in Jamaica, New York, we offer a truck and diesel service certificate program and an associate degree in automotive and diesel technology program that are more affordable than you think. Here, we discuss the different programs offered at NYADI and the financial aid opportunities available to students. What Programs Does NYADI Offer? At NYADI, we offer a certificate and associate degree in diesel technology: Truck and Diesel Service Technology

Mechanic in orange hard hat repairing part of train

Questions to Ask When Considering Diesel Mechanic Schools in NY

Do you love getting your hands dirty and working on large equipment? Attending diesel mechanic school might be your next career move. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology offers a truck and diesel service certificate program and an associate degree in automotive and diesel technology program in Jamaica, New York, that will help get your career off to the right start. Here, we talk about how to become a diesel technician and the different programs students can enroll in. What Does It Take to Be a Diesel Mechanic? A diesel mechanic repairs,

Diesel truck on side of road with engine problems

Mobile Diesel Mechanic: A Great Job for Those Who Like to Be on the Move

Being a diesel mechanic doesn’t mean you have to be bound to one garage or a single location. As a mobile diesel mechanic, you have the opportunity to go where your services are needed, making it an excellent career choice for those who don’t like staying put for too long. Here, NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, whose mission is to provide educational opportunities to those who are interested in learning a trade, offers additional insight into this exciting job field and explains how those interested can begin their pursuit. What

Supervisor at car shop checking tablet while mechanic works in background on car

Automotive Job Skills Beyond Monkey Wrenches and Pry Bars

Choosing a job as an automotive technician can be a fulfilling one. It allows you to work with your hands, learn new things, and fully immerse yourself in the world of cars. However, there are some job aspects that many aspiring students don't think about. These types of job skills are just as essential as knowing the inner workings of vehicles. The skills include working with people, time management, and communication. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology is here for students looking to start their journey as automotive technicians. Here, we

Fleet of diesel-powered trucks on the road

How Will Emerging Technology Impact Diesel Mechanic Jobs

Technological developments are shaping the future of trucks and other vehicles traditionally powered by diesel fuel. Specifically, large diesel vehicles are projected to go electric. As governments and leading automotive manufacturers make changes to respond to climate concerns, diesel mechanics can expect the rest of the industry to follow suit. What do these developments mean for diesel mechanics? To stay competitive, they need to increase their skills and show a willingness to adapt as technology evolves. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology offers an Automotive and Diesel Technology program in Jamaica,

Auto technician talking with customer after vehicle inspection

The Auto Technician Shortage Means Opportunity for Those Who Can Adapt

The automotive technology industry is facing a dilemma — a shortage of technicians. Nationally, there was a 3% increase in auto technicians between 2021 and 2023, significantly lower than the estimated 14% needed by the end of 2024. Given this situation, the demand for auto technicians with the right training is growing. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology is proud to offer two Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree programs in Automotive Technology and Automotive and Diesel Technology. Through our programs, students gain the skills and certifications they need to fill

Auto technician holding tools under open car hood

How Much Does ASE Certification Cost?

If you are thinking about getting into the automotive industry after graduation from mechanic school, ASE certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence can help open doors to land the job of your dreams. The ASE tests and certifies automotive service professionals. Learn more from NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, providing automotive career training programs in Jamaica, NY. ASE Certification Costs ASE certification test fees are generally small, under $100 for most tests. Since ASE certification gives auto mechanics an edge in the labor market, it’s a good investment.

Young woman changing a car tire

Automotive Technician Salary Projections

As an automotive technician, a person has the chance to earn a very decent salary, depending on where they work, what training they have, and how long they have been in the industry. At NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, we help students prepare to make the most of their automotive technology education. We offer an Associate Degree in Automotive Technology program and several other academic programs at our campus in Jamaica, NY. According to US News & World Report, automotive technician salaries can start at about $35,000. The average salary of

Auto mechanic working on car using assistance technology on laptop

The Future of Automotive Technology

Technology is ever-changing, including the technology in automobiles. As big companies like Tesla and Mercedes-Benz continue exploring new smart car ideas and features, technology is only going to become more complex and prevalent. As such, students in programs for automotive technology must know and become familiar with these advancements and have the skills to adapt as things change. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology offers Automotive Technology Associate Degree and Automotive Service Technology Certificate programs for students in the Jamaica, NY, area. Here, we talk about projected automobile trends and how