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Collision center manager speaking with repair technicians

Collision Center Manager Is Among the Highest Paying Automotive Jobs

Given the many advantages of pursuing a career in the automotive industry, there are several reasons someone would choose this career path. Like any profession, compensation is a big factor. While there are numerous well-paying roles in the automotive field, ZipRecruiter lists collision center manager salaries among the highest for the near future. Discover more about this profession and what it entails from NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, based in Jamaica, NY. What Does a Collision Repair Center Manager Do? Collision center managers play a highly regarded role within the automotive

Auto repair tech holding wrench before beginning work on car

How to Get ASE Certification in NY

The automotive industry is a highly competitive field. Prospective employees can help themselves stand out from other candidates by earning various certifications, such as ASE certification. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology offers outstanding automotive career training in Jamaica, NY. Here, we explain what ASE certification is and how people pursuing a career in the automotive field can earn one. What Is ASE Certification? Standing for Automotive Service Excellence, ASE certification is issued and regulated by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It exists to help improve and maintain quality standards

Satisfied customer receiving car keys after auto repair services

Auto Repair: The Importance of Fixing It Right the First Time

Even the best-made cars and trucks need maintenance and repair from time to time. However, auto repair can be extremely inconvenient for customers. It’s even more inconvenient when a customer needs to bring the same vehicle back to the auto shop for the same issue. Because customer service is everything in the automotive industry, the need for auto shops and mechanics to perform quality work is imperative. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology provides outstanding automotive training programs at its campus in Jamaica, NY. Here, we explain the importance of ensuring

Student studying to earn associate degree

The Benefits of Getting an Associate Degree Over a Certificate

The automotive field offers a host of great benefits, making it a desirable sector in which to pursue a career. People interested in a career involving automobiles often have a few different avenues to their dream job – such as a certificate program or an associate degree program. While both options provide automotive training and can help you land the automotive job of your choice, an associate degree program offers several advantages that a certificate program cannot. Discover why you should consider an associate degree from NYADI The College of Transportation

Auto mechanic inspecting vehicle engine and writing down findings on clipboard

Comparing Careers: Diesel Truck Mechanic vs. Automotive Mechanic

Those who are passionate about the automotive industry and pursuing an automotive career can enjoy some incredible benefits. One of the advantages of a career in automotive technology and repair is the wide range of job options available. Prospective employees with the right credentials and qualifications can forge their career paths based on their skills and what they enjoy doing. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, based in Jamaica, NY, offers students a variety of academic programs designed to equip students with foundational knowledge and hands-on experience in several areas of

Diesel mechanic working on a vehicle in a garage

What Are the Highest Paying Diesel Mechanic Jobs?

A diesel mechanic works with and repairs diesel engines or equipment powered by diesel engines. Diesel mechanics are frequently employed in the trucking, shipping, and power industries, managing huge vehicles or diesel-powered mechanical equipment. Understanding your job prospects as a diesel mechanic can help you understand the potential for a high-paying job. At NYADI, The College of Transportation Technology in Jamaica, NY, we offer an associate degree in automotive and diesel technology that can help you start your career. Our associate degree program allows students to: Prepare for Automotive Service Excellence

Fleet technician performing scheduled maintenance

What Does a Fleet Technician Do? Top Job Responsibilities for the Role

Fleet technicians are skilled professionals who repair or service engines and vehicles for businesses and industries that rely on delivery vehicles, service vehicles, trucks, buses, etc. Just like other technicians, fleet technicians are essential workers in the automotive industry. NYADI The College of Transportation Technology in Jamaica, NY, offers automotive technology programs that can help train you for a fleet technician career. As a fleet technician, you must have extensive knowledge of automotive technology. You must understand each vehicle's components and how they work. At NYADI, our automotive technology program focuses

Fleet managers standing in front of trucks at a warehouse

Top 5 Traits of a Great Fleet Manager

Managing a fleet of vehicles and their drivers is a complex task requiring a mixture of automotive, technical, and business knowledge. The best fleet manager combines this knowledge with personal skills in leadership, communication, and organization. Education, experience, good communication skills, and natural talents in coordinating multiple tasks with people are an ideal combination to produce top-notch fleet managers with training from NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, based in Jamaica, NY. What Is Fleet Management? Fleet managers coordinate all aspects of a fleet of vehicles for a company or organization, from

Oil being poured into a diesel engine

How Does a Diesel Engine Work?

German engineer Rudolf Diesel created the first diesel engine in 1893, about twenty years after the production of the first gasoline-powered engine. Both engines use internal combustion to power the vehicle, but they work slightly differently. Those differences are why you'll find lightweight vehicles using gasoline engines while diesel engines power heavier machinery such as semi-trucks, trains, farming equipment, construction vehicles, and ships. Learn more about the differences between diesel and gasoline engines, how diesel engines work, and the automotive and diesel technology program at NYADI The College of Transportation Technology

Car mechanic fixing a direct-injection engine

Understanding Direct Injection Engines and How They Work

The technology behind direct injection engines isn't new. It was first used in 1925 by Swedish engineer Jonas Hesselman but gained popularity only around 20 years ago. Today, you'll find direct injection under the hoods of about half of the cars on the road in the United States. Direct injection engines are typically more complex and expensive for auto manufacturers to produce than traditional engines. However, the payoffs make the complexity and cost worth it, especially as the technology can help make vehicles more fuel efficient. Discover how direct fuel injection