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Automotive Job Skills Beyond Monkey Wrenches and Pry Bars

Choosing a job as an automotive technician can be a fulfilling one. It allows you to work with your hands, learn new things, and fully immerse yourself in the world of cars. However, there are some job aspects that many aspiring students don’t think about. These types of job skills are just as essential as knowing the inner workings of vehicles. The skills include working with people, time management, and communication.

NYADI The College of Transportation Technology is here for students looking to start their journey as automotive technicians. Here, we list the additional qualities students should have before entering the job market and how NYADI helps its students get there.

Working with People

When working in a skilled trade, you may not think about the different types of people you may work for. For example, some clients may be pickier than others. It is up to you to satisfy each type of client by providing knowledgeable, transparent auto mechanic services. The best way to enhance your people skills is by practicing them and interacting with clients.

An important component of our automotive programs is hands-on training. To finish their courses, students must complete a designated amount of training before becoming certified. During this training, students have the unique opportunity to work with different clients and people. That allows them to learn how to work with others, meet their demands, and collaborate to come up with an agreeable solution.

Additionally, having this skill can give students a leg up when entering the job market. They already have the experience they need to face customers and their specifications, making them well-equipped to succeed in whichever job they choose.

Time Management

Much of the job as an automotive technician relies on excellent time management skills. While some jobs can take longer to complete, most should be done promptly and efficiently. Not only can this improve the customer experience, but it also keeps customers and revenue flowing through a business.

When first learning the trade, you want to take your time. That allows you to learn and understand how to diagnose problems and make repairs. Once you know how to implement these repairs, simple jobs should take no time at all. The best way to learn and improve time management is by enrolling in an automotive technology program at a mechanic school. Here, students are free to take their time, ask questions, and improve their technique to make the transition into the professional world seamless and easy.


Communication is another essential skill to have in the automotive industry. Not only can it keep co-workers safe if something dangerous occurs, but it also makes servicing vehicles more efficient and easier. When collaborating with co-workers to service a vehicle, communication can decrease the risk of repair and maintenance complications.

It can be easy to miscommunicate while fixing a vehicle, as workers are busy looking after parts and different vehicle elements. However, all technicians must be on the same page while working. This way, you can make the vehicle repair process more successful. Good communication skills can also allow you to create relationships with co-workers and clients. That can improve both the employee and customer experience.

Picking Up Essential Job Skills in Auto Mechanic School

NYADI can assist students in receiving the automotive training they need to work professionally. That includes the skills you may not think come with the job, like communication, collaboration, and time management skills. Both our Automotive Technology program and Automotive and Diesel Technology program include hands-on training alongside traditional classroom training. That allows students to learn how to work with others and manage their time.

We also offer certification programs for students looking to advance their training, including:

In addition to our financial aid opportunities for students who qualify, NYADI offers our Ability to Benefit (ATB) program. That allows students to earn their GED while taking courses in automotive technology, making education even easier and more accessible for students in the area.

Enroll in Our Courses at NYADI

If you’re looking to advance your education, consider enrolling in courses at NYADI The College of Transportation Technology. We are the only program in the NYC area to offer an AOS degree in diesel technology. Serving students across Jamaica, New York, and the surrounding areas, we are here for students who want to begin their careers or switch up their paths. To learn more about the job skills required of an automotive technician, contact us today.