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How to Choose Your Career Path at NYADI

NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology offers students an opportunity to develop advanced, practical acknowledge required by the automotive service industry. We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to education, so we’re proud to offer a variety of academic programs that allow students to pursue both certificates and college degrees designed to prepare them for a career in automotive and diesel technologies.

Choose What’s Right for You

NYADI’s automotive and diesel technology programs are designed to prepare you for an exciting career in the automotive world. But if you’re uncertain where you’d like your career to take you, it may seem difficult to choose which program would best suit your goals.

We’re here to help. Below, we’ll outline the perks of each NYADI program and explain why you might choose one over another.

  • Automotive Service Technology Certificate: This 45-credit program was created to deliver hands-on experience and up-to-date knowledge concerning all eight areas of the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Automotive Certification. The curriculum also includes high-performance engines. Thanks to its straightforward nature, this certificate program is perfectly suited for students eager to dive right into the workforce upon graduation.
  • Automotive Technology AOS Degree: Just like the certificate program, this 60-credit curriculum covers the eight areas of the ASE Automotive Certification. However, you’ll also be able to earn an associate degree in just 16 months, which makes this program appealing to students planning to further their education after graduating from NYADI.
  • Automotive and Diesel Technology Certificate: This program comprises five areas required by the ASE Automotive Certification and seven areas of the ASE Medium/Heavy Truck Certifications. The additional knowledge provided through the program serves as a great starting point for students who’d prefer to work on larger equipment rather than personal vehicles, though it’s also an excellent choice for prospective professionals seeking to expand their knowledge in order to diversify the job pool.
  • Automotive and Diesel Technology AOS Degree: Once again, this 60-credit program grants the same foundational knowledge as its certificate program. You’ll also work through 15 additional credits that allow you to receive an associate degree.
  • Collision Repair Technology Certificate: If your main interest is in restoring vehicles damaged by collisions, look no further than our 48-credit, three-semester collision repair certificate program. You’ll study in four areas of the ASE Automotive Certification and four areas of the Collision Repair Certification for a total of 48 credits. Then, you’ll be prepared for a productive career spent servicing cars that have been involved in accidents.

Make Your Choice Today

No matter your decision, you can rest assured that your NYADI program will provide the knowledge, experience and confidence you need to succeed in the competitive automotive workforce. Learn more by contacting an admissions advisor, or apply to a NYADI program today.