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Evolution And The Automotive Job Search

Evolution and the automotive job search

One of the most familiar tenets of the theory of evolution is “survival of the fittest”.  It doesn’t have anything to do with gym time but rather how an organism is best adjusted to its environment.  In other words, how well it fits in its world.

Job applicants are judged on their fit to the specific  job.  How well they will adjust and succeed  in the job environment is evaluated by matching the job needs to their skills, attitudes, and attainments.

Auto shops are looking for competent, reliable workers who function well as part of a team in service to customers.

The following is a fitness checklist for a job as a technician:

Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Superior math skills.

Detail oriented.

Hard working.


Possessing a clean local  driver’s  licence. ( Yes, you will be expected to test drive cars.)

Add your NYADI training and certification and you are fit to survive and thrive.

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