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How Predictive Collision Systems Impact Automotive Technicians

A predictive collision system, or collision avoidance system (CAS), is an active safety feature designed to reduce the severity of a collision with another vehicle. These systems typically use radar and sometimes lidar, cameras and GPS to detect a potential crash, and they’ll warn the driver or take action autonomously by applying the brakes or correcting the steering. As these systems become increasingly available in vehicles sold across the nation, you may be wondering how they’ll impact the jobs of collision repair technicians.

What CASs Means for Collision Repair Technicians

According to a 2015 report conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), collision warning systems with active braking can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of rear-end accidents. As more cars become equipped with this potentially lifesaving technology, collision repair technicians may begin to see a reduction in the amount of damage done to vehicles involved in an accident or a decrease in fender benders overall.

Since a CAS typically warns the driver to a potential collision using flashing lights and an audible alarm, the driver may have just enough time to entirely avoid a collision. But if they’re driving too fast, too close to the vehicle in front of them or in bad weather conditions, they might not have ample room to stop – even with a CAS. Still, by automatically applying the brakes, the CAS can help mitigate the damage caused by a crash.

Because of CASs, collision repair technicians may begin seeing fewer vehicles that need extensive repairs following an accident. However, because these systems only help prevent front collisions, they’ll continue to have vehicles come into their shops with side-impact and other collision damage. Collision repair technicians will also need the skills and training to work on complex CAS systems before and after an accident.

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