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How to Make the Most of Your High-School Equivalency Diploma

In today’s workforce, the high-school equivalency (HSE) diploma can make a real difference in helping you strive for the career of your dreams. Whether you’re planning to dive right into the workforce or pursue further schooling to work toward a long-term goal, the HSE diploma presents an excellent starting point. Wondering how? NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology offers a few ideas for making the brightest future possible with an HSE diploma.

Opening Doors

Earning your HSE diploma can open up a breadth of opportunities, leaving you with the freedom to pursue a career that means something to you. One option is to immediately join the workforce, as many employers are happy to hire prospective employees who’ve achieved their HSE diploma. Another choice is attending a traditional college or university to study a subject you love. But one choice that may get overlooked is technical college. These institutions are known for instilling hands-on skills while delivering in-depth, high-quality instruction.

Why You Should Push Further

Entering the workforce directly after achieving your HSE diploma isn’t a bad idea, but statistics suggest that further education offers many benefits worth considering. For one, a brief look through online job listings makes it clear that post-secondary education increases your job pool considerably. Further education could also lead to other advantages, like higher pay. In fact, a Bureau of Labor Statistics educational overview indicates that jobs requiring associate degrees, which are often available through both universities and technical colleges, offer a substantially higher median wage than jobs requiring only a high-school education.

Why Consider Technical School?

Once you’ve decided to pursue further education after receiving your HSE diploma, it’s time to choose your institution. Both traditional universities and technical schools offer many advantages, but if you’re eager to secure a position in a field you love, technical schools may be the perfect solution. Why? Here are just a few of the most commonly cited benefits of technical schooling:

  • Career-Focused Academic Programs: Traditional university programs often include basic courses in fields unrelated to your major. This is seldom the case at technical schools, which are largely focused precisely on skills you’ll use each day on the job.
  • Certifications: Many institutions, such as NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology, allow you to work toward several certifications throughout your time studying. This may play a key role in distinguishing yourself as a premier candidate.
  • Versatility: Another benefit offered by technical schools, such as NYADI, is that the programs typically lay a solid foundation for future studies in your specific field. That’s why NYADI offers associate degree programs alongside our certifications.

Begin Your Career Today

NYADI has developed a sterling reputation for preparing diesel mechanics and other automotive technicians with expert-taught, high-quality educational programs. Complement your HSE diploma by applying to NYADI today.