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Mastering Vehicular Computerization

Electronic automotive technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and the rise of these advanced features means that an intricate understanding of a vehicle’s mechanical components simply isn’t enough to succeed in the competitive automotive service industry. Instead, successful certified auto mechanics must receive careful, specialized training in order to understand how these computerized systems work – and that’s where NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology’s Automotive Technology AOS Degree program comes into play. Let’s discuss how this NYADI program can help prepare you for a career spent fixing high-tech vehicles.

Advanced, In-Depth Educational Courses

NYADI’s Automotive Technology AOS Degree program includes a number of electronics courses in order to help prepare our students for the demands of the modern workplace. This begins in the second semester with the basics, which are taught through our Electrical/Electronic Systems course, and then progresses to the more complex electrical systems that monitor emissions and engine operations in Engine Electronics.

The curriculum then goes on to explore the more precise details of these systems in the third-semester Advanced Electrical Systems course. This material complements the prior electronics courses by exploring audio and entertainment systems, as well as power components, like anti-theft systems and locks.  Finally, during the fourth and final semester of the NYADI Automotive Technology AOS Degree program, students will dig deeper into modern emission technology with Emission Control Systems.

Each of these courses includes thorough instruction and laboratory time that offers an opportunity to develop hands-on experience diagnosing and addressing electrical issues.

Routine Curriculum Updates

To remain competitive, NYADI strives to update its educational programs on a regular basis to grant students access to the latest technology and automotive techniques. This helps ensure that each NYADI graduate not only knows their way around a vehicle’s numerous mechanical systems, but can also address more advanced, modern troubles when they appear. This may grant you a valuable edge when it’s time to enter the job market.

Learn Modern Automotive Technology at NYADI

If you believe you have a future as a certified auto mechanic, begin your studies at NYADI. We provide thorough instruction from experienced, ASE-certified auto mechanics, a variety of comprehensive programs and a selection of career services to help you land the position you’ve always wanted. Contact an admissions advisor or apply online to get started.