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Pitfalls to Avoid When Opening an Auto Repair Shop

Are you looking to open an auto repair shop? Some common pitfalls can cause your business to fail. Starting an auto repair shop requires knowledge and credentials. Get the training and certifications you need to succeed in the auto repair business from the New York Automotive and Diesel Institute (NYADI), the College of Transportation Technology in Jamaica, NY.

How to Start an Auto Repair Shop

If you want to open an auto repair shop, a degree in Automotive Technology can help you achieve your dreams. You’ll learn about the leading automotive technologies and be prepared to take the ASE certification test. NYADI in Jamaica, NY can help you start your business successfully.

Why Join the Automotive Industry?

A career in the automotive industry can be enjoyable and provides excellent compensation. According to ZipRecruiter, the average automotive service technician in Jamaica, NY makes $50,448 annually. Leaders in the automotive industry are looking for highly-qualified and skilled individuals to service modern cars. Shops demand technicians with hands-on training and certifications in electric vehicle (EV) service, diagnosis, and repair to meet the rapidly growing number of EVs on the road today.

An education in automotive technology from an automotive trade school can prepare you to service the latest in gasoline, EV, and diesel technology. Graduates learn the skills to start their repair shop or work with industry leaders in some of the highest-paying automotive jobs as specialists or technicians.

Common Mistakes Shop Owners Make When Opening an Auto Repair Shop

Many shop owners fail due to the following pitfalls when opening a repair shop. Avoid these mistakes to succeed in the automotive industry.

Opening a Shop Without a Clear Plan

Planning is a primary component of any successful business. Learn how to fund and operate a business correctly and research the local regulations that your business is likely to encounter. Your plan should be flexible and have milestones to help you reach your end goal. Planning should continue long after your shop opens to ensure you are ready for changes in the industry.

Not Having Support and Guidance

Support is vital to helping your business succeed. In the automotive industry, you will need guidance from partners in business, legal, advertising, and automotive repair. An automotive school can help you build a network of talented people in the industry for mentorship and advice.

Lack of Funding

Cash flow is necessary for any business. Renting or purchasing a shop, tools, equipment, parts, supplies, licenses, insurance, and certifications can be costly. Look for a financial partner locally or online to ensure your business can operate with enough cash flow, especially when your shop is new and doesn’t have a steady stream of clients.

Neglecting Training and Certifications in the Latest Automotive Technology

Even if you’ve worked on cars for friends and family members or previously worked automotive jobs in the field, an education from an automotive repair school is the foundation you need to open an automotive repair shop. An automotive technology degree prepares you for your ASE certification while earning certifications from industry leaders and thousands of hours of hands-on experience. You’ll have the preparations to open your auto repair shop successfully.

Get the Training You Need to Open an Auto Repair Shop

Whether you want an automotive job with a well-known brand or to start an auto repair shop of your own, NYADI in Jamaica, NY can provide you with the skills, education, and credentials you need. NYADI in Jamaica, NY prepares students for their ASE certification and automotive jobs. Our 15-month Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) in Automotive Technology provides you with the following:

  • Learn to diagnose, test, and repair engines, brakes, manual drive trains and axles, automatic transmissions, heating and air conditioning systems, and electrical and electronic systems
  • Stackable certifications from established industry partners like Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Isuzu Trucks, and Mercedes Benz
  • Prepare for your ASE certification with help from ASE-certified instructors with a good ratio of students to instructors

Start Your Career in the Automotive Industry With NYADI in Jamaica, NY

A career in the automotive industry can be lucrative and satisfying. To open an auto repair shop, you need an education in the latest automotive technologies. NYADI prepares students for automotive jobs, management, and shop ownership. Learn the skills you need for automotive repair, diagnosis, and testing with our 15-month hands-on course. You can earn your AOS in Automotive Technology and prepare for your ASE certification. NYADI helps students in and around Jamaica, NY earn their TASC diploma or GED or pass our Ability to Benefit (ATB) program.

We provide one-on-one tutoring if necessary and help you move from your GED to certification and an AOS in Automotive Technology. Our job placement support helps you find automotive jobs with leaders in the industry like Mercedes Benz or BMW. Contact us today to speak with an admissions representative and begin your journey to a rewarding automotive industry career with NYADI, the College of Transportation Technology in Jamaica, NY.