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Promising Career Outlooks for Graduates of Our Programs

One of the most frequently asked questions prospective students have about NYADI The College of Transportation Technology relates to a very important consideration – the type of compensation they can expect in their careers after graduation. While salaries and benefits fluctuate depending on location, area of specialty, and experience level, our programs equip students with the education they need to thrive in rewarding automotive jobs in a secure, growing industry. Here, we describe what NYADI graduates can anticipate in their respective fields.

Automotive Technology and Service

Among the highest-paying jobs in the automotive industry is an automotive technology or service position. At NYADI, our Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) in Automotive Technology and Certificate in Automotive Service Technology programs prepare graduates to perform several duties, such as:

  • Diagnosing problems and knowing how to craft sound solutions
  • Repairing automotive systems, such as brakes, automatic transmissions, drive trains, heating and cooling, steering and suspension, and electronics
  • Ensuring peak engine performance and recommending part updates or upgrades during routine maintenance

The median pay for these service technicians was $44,050 annually in 2020. And demand is strong – more than 60,000 job openings across the US are anticipated each year over the next decade. Our students graduate with the skills and knowledge to work with a variety of makes and models, thanks to NYADI’s partnerships with Mercedes-Benz, Isuzu Trucks, Fiat Chrysler, and Ford. This makes them viable candidates for positions offering competitive salaries and benefits, especially when employers seek technicians familiar with higher-end and newer vehicles.

Automotive and Diesel Technology

As the global market moves toward greener methods of transportation, the automotive and diesel technology sector is already seeing rapid growth. For example, completely electric cars and hybrid models are evolving every day, requiring qualified technicians to repair and maintain them. What’s more, many vehicles with engines operating on traditional diesel fuels are now able to utilize environmentally friendly biodiesel as an alternative. What is generally misconceived as outdated technology, diesel-running vehicles are now serving as a driving force of the world and becoming less reliant on fossil fuels.

In fact, employment opportunities for these technicians are expected to grow by at least 8% over the next decade. Diesel technicians can expect to earn about $50,000 per year, and some can even earn commissions on top of their salary.

At the same time, it will be years before the world is completely operating on electric or bio-fueled vehicles. Until then, technicians are urgently needed to repair and maintain existing fleets of diesel-running vehicles, gas-operating cars, and the like.

For students interested in this path and a long-term, rewarding career, NYADI offers the following programs:

Collision Repair Technology

An unfortunate reality is that as long as there are drivers on the road, collisions are bound to happen. If you love helping people and want to put your skills to work to get them back on the road after an accident, NYADI’s Certificate in Collision Repair Technology could be a great fit.

Auto body repair technicians earned a median salary of $44,190 in 2020 – though the top 10% of earners in this industry were paid over $56,760. This sector of the auto industry is expected to continue growing over the next decade.

Auto body shops everywhere are always in need of professionals with the training to repair and refinish a variety of automobiles, from minivans to sports cars. For the graduates of this program, this means that a high-paying job in the automotive industry is within reach. To learn more about how we can help you become qualified for fantastic automotive jobs, contact NYADI today.