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Auto Repair: The Importance of Fixing It Right the First Time

Even the best-made cars and trucks need maintenance and repair from time to time. However, auto repair can be extremely inconvenient for customers. It’s even more inconvenient when a customer needs to bring the same vehicle back to the auto shop for the same issue. Because customer service is everything in the automotive industry, the need for auto shops and mechanics to perform quality work is imperative.

NYADI The College of Transportation Technology provides outstanding automotive training programs at its campus in Jamaica, NY. Here, we explain the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction by completing automotive repairs right the first time.

Why It Matters

In many cases, auto repair centers earn their business on referrals. Therefore, word of mouth is very powerful in the automotive repair industry. A good or bad review based on customer experience can be the difference between someone referring an auto body shop or not.

One of the best ways to improve customer experience is by getting the job done right the first time around. This helps keep customer satisfaction levels high and limit complaints, all while reducing inconvenience for customers. Other reasons it’s important to provide customers with quality auto repair and correcting problems the first time include:

Improve Brand Trust

For vehicle owners, having a reliable auto repair center they can count on to provide quality work provides them with invaluable peace of mind. Delivering effective services the first time helps strengthen the relationship an auto repair shop has with a customer and enhances their brand trust.

Lower Costs

In terms of financial success, customers who need to come back to address the same issue are perhaps the biggest threat. That’s because when a customer comes back with the same problem, the auto repair shop generally is redoing the job at no additional cost. This means there’s less space in the repair shop to take on paid work, plus the cost of more parts, labor, and time. Completing auto repair jobs right the first time helps keep the service repair process profitable.

How to Ensure Quality Standards Are Met

When it comes to providing quality work for customers the first time, there are steps auto mechanics can take. The first step is making sure to carefully document the issue. When a customer first comes in, auto repair mechanics should document their problem analysis in detail and update it accordingly. Doing so helps keep a record of information that’s pertinent to the issue at hand and encourages customers to provide any details they feel are relevant to the diagnostic process.

Another good practice is never beating around the bush when speaking to customers. Auto repair mechanics should always give customers their honest analysis. Because repair costs can be extensive, customers often will try to cut corners. As an auto mechanic, inform customers of the potential consequences of not addressing the problem properly and that it can lead to further repairs in the future. Doing so will help establish expectations and position you as a trusted advisor.

Another way to ensure repair jobs are done right the first time is by giving every repair your full attention. In addition, once repairs are done, be sure to perform a comprehensive quality check. This will help make certain the problem is resolved and won’t happen again in the near future.

Learn the Skills Needed for Quality Auto Repair at NYADI

When it comes to auto repair, getting the job done right the first time requires a deep understanding of the automotive field as well as advanced skills. Students can acquire both at NYADI The College of Transportation Technology.

Located in Jamaica, NY, our academic programs can lead to ASE certification and other certifications. They are led by dedicated instructors and feature a well-rounded curriculum that covers various critical components of the automotive industry. Furthermore, our programs will help students develop not just mechanic skills, but the business and people skills needed to succeed. The programs available at our institution are:

To learn more about NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, or to learn how you can enroll, contact an admissions representative today.