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What will I learn at NYADI?

At NYADI you will learn up-to-date automotive training not only in the basics, but in electronics and computerization as well, to provide the highest level of instruction required to pursue your education goals.

How do we know if we are eligible for Financial Aid?

A campus tour and visit to our school’s Financial Aid Office will help determine eligibility for the various types of financial assistance. No two people are alike! Everyone has different financial situations and obligations; therefore the outcomes of the Financial Aid consultations are on a case-by-case basis.

How much does it cost to go to school?

The cost depends on which program the student is enrolling in. Students may also be eligible for Financial Aid. The best and only way to give an answer on cost would be to visit our campus and sit down with financial aid professionals to discuss financial options.

What is the admissions process?

Students and/or their parents need to contact NYADI’s Admissions Department to schedule an interview. Interviews can either take place in the convenience of the students’ homes or at our campus. During the process, the Representative, the student, and the family will discuss which career options best suit the student’s needs, while they take a tour of our modern facility and meet some of our certified instructors. The Representative will then be able to determine if the candidate should be recommended a seat in one of our scheduled classes, we also

When does school start?

Generally our programs start at various times throughout the year. However, class start dates are based on space availability and may be subject to change. Please contact our Admissions Department for further information.