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What will I learn at NYADI?

All our academic programs provide students with the most up-to-date training in the basics of automotive technology, as well as in electronics and computerization. Our goal is to ensure students receive the highest level of instruction possible to empower them to pursue their educational and career dreams. The specific skills students will develop depend on the program they choose. NYADI offers the following programs: Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) in Automotive Technology: This program includes 20 classes equaling 60 credits and features a combination of traditional classroom learning and hands-on education.

How do we know if we are eligible for Financial Aid?

No two students are alike; every student has a unique financial situation and obligations, and therefore their opportunities for aid differ. During your visit to our campus, be sure to schedule and attend an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to help determine your eligibility for various kinds of financial assistance. NYADI is glad to offer financial aid to qualifying students through federal and state programs, such as grants, work-study opportunities, and loans. In addition to completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), students should submit the New York

How much does it cost to go to school?

The costs of enrolling at NYADI will depend on the program and the amount of financial aid a student receives. Scheduling a consultation with a financial aid advisor is the best way to get a more accurate estimate of what might be your overall costs.

Do you offer job placement?

Current students and graduates of NYADI can seek job placement assistance through our Career Services department. The team delivers a host of services to help you navigate the next steps in your career journey, whether it’s honing job search and application skills or getting you in contact with potential employers from our vast network of industry connections. Our Employment Skills Enhancement Program is a great opportunity for enhancing your visibility among employers. Students will take a placement exam, which they must pass to earn an ESP certificate. Earning this certificate and

Is tutoring available?

NYADI employs academic tutors to provide extra attention to those students struggling to comprehend their coursework. We also set aside Fridays as an additional tutoring day. Tutoring can be one-on-one with the student and their tutor, and we also host group study sessions for students to collaborate and develop a greater understanding of a particular topic.

What is the admissions process?

The general process to apply to NYADI includes these steps: Students or their parents will contact NYADI’s admissions department to schedule an interview Interviews can be in-person at our campus or virtual, depending on the student’s needs Students and parents will tour the campus and meet instructors Admissions representatives will discuss which career options are best for the student and the training they will need Representatives will determine if the student should be recommended for a seat in a scheduled class For students who don’t have a high school diploma, the

When does school start?

Program start dates vary depending on the semester and whether students are enrolling full- or part-time. Additionally, class start dates differ based on space availability and may be subject to change. For further information about upcoming start dates, contact the admissions department.

When can a high school senior register for school?

High school students may register at any point during their senior year, but NYADI strongly encourages prospective students to register well in advance. This ensures that their seat is reserved in the desired program, enabling them to continue their education without delay and get on track with their career goals.