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Do you offer job placement?

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Do you offer job placement?

Current students and graduates of NYADI can seek job placement assistance through our Career Services department. The team delivers a host of services to help you navigate the next steps in your career journey, whether it’s honing job search and application skills or getting you in contact with potential employers from our vast network of industry connections.

Our Employment Skills Enhancement Program is a great opportunity for enhancing your visibility among employers. Students will take a placement exam, which they must pass to earn an ESP certificate. Earning this certificate and passing the Student Exit/Performance Exam indicates a student’s knowledge and skill, and they may add these achievements to their resume to stand out against other applicants.

Students may not have to look far to find rewarding work. Careers at NYADI postings enable students to pass along their learning to future technicians as automatic technology or diesel technology instructors, as well as academic tutors. Note additional certification, education, or work experience may be required to apply for these open positions.