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AT108 – Automotive Electrical Foundations

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AT108 – Automotive Electrical Foundations

Credits: 3 | Prerequisite(s): None | Co-requisites: None

This course combines lecture and laboratory hands-on activities, focusing on the fundamentals of an automobile electrical system. Emphasis will be placed on direct current electricity, basic electrical theory, series and parallel circuits, power distribution, electrical test equipment and the understanding of wiring diagrams. The operation, testing and repair of batteries, starting and charging systems as well as a concise diagnostic approach to repairing automotive wiring concerns are covered in this course. The laboratory component of the course includes various activities that follow the guidelines of the National Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). A library/internet research written project concerning some aspect of an automobile’s basic electrical system will be assigned and is an integral component of thisn course.

Teaching Automotive Electrical Foundations is a pleasure. This class is based on the love I have for electricity. I get a chance to show the students just how incredible this force really is. Once they take the class, the fear is taken away and they realize just how amazing, fun, and incredible it really is. This leads them on a path of logic and understanding that they can apply to doing electrical repairs. (Demystify the mystery)

Carlos Sorondo, ASE Master Auto and Diesel Technician