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AT209 – Automatic Transmissions II

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AT209 – Automatic Transmissions II

Credits: 3 | Prerequisite(s): AT208 | Co-requisites: None

This course provides classroom and laboratory hands-on activities concerning the inspection, construction, diagnosis and disassembly/assembly of automatic transmissions and transaxles. This builds on the material taught in AT208 Automatic Transmissions I and includes the construction, inspection and rebuilding of apply devices, planetary gear sets, oil pumps, valve bodies and one-way clutches. Students will become familiar with the tools and techniques necessary to properly maintain, diagnose, service and repair automatic transmissions. Students are exposed to a variety of transmission types to overhaul. The laboratory component of the course includes various activities that follow the guidelines of the National Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). A library/internet research written project concerning some aspect of automatic transmission/transaxle repair and/or overhaul will be assigned and is an integral component of this course.