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AT210 – Fuel Systems

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AT210 – Fuel Systems

Credits: 3 | Prerequisite(s): AT100, AT112, AT108 | Co-requisites: None

This lecture/laboratory course begins with the discussion spark ignition engine fuel composition from crude oil to the distillation and compounding of various gasoline grades. Fuel delivery methods including direct injection, port injection and throttle body injection systems as well as carburetors are discussed in great detail with an emphasis of their effects on engine performance. Intake and exhaust systems will also be discussed and diagnosed. The laboratory component of the course includes various activities that follow the guidelines of the National Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). A library/internet research written project concerning some aspect of an automobile engine’s fuel delivery system will be assigned and is an integral component of this course.

Students find the automotive Fuel Systems class fascinating because it is an in depth look at engine performance. It covers intake, exhaust, turbocharging, supercharging along with fuel pump and injector diagnosis. The course provides students with a better understanding of engine performance. Fuel system labs are the most intense. Fuel system labs require a vast array of diagnostic equipment, including vacuum gauges, scopes, scan tools, meters, and specialty injector test equipment. Labs for this course provide the student with detailed troubleshooting techniques.

Edward Boyle, ASE Master Automotive Technician