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AT250 – Hybrid Electric Drive Technology

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AT250 – Hybrid Electric Drive Technology

Credits: 3 | Prerequisite(s): AT108, AT110, AT112, AT202, AT210 | Co-requisites: None

This course provides an introduction to Hybrid and Electric Drive Vehicle Technology along with guide to operational principal, application, diagnostic and repair of common components. Topics include a review of basic electricity, Hybrid electric motors, ICE, transaxles, regenerative brakes, air conditioning, steering, batteries, and safety as well as electric vehicle conversions, CNG vehicles, LPG vehicles, LNG, fuel cells, hydrogen, biodiesel, and alcohol based fuels. This course will provide background information for in order to prepare students for the Light Duty Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialist – ASE certification L3.

Students take great interest in Hybrid Electric Drive Technology. Hybrid means Gas or Diesel power and electric power combined. It is now and in the near future what every car, truck, bus, semi-truck will be driven by. It is simply the future of the automotive industry and students have ground floor start into the new high tech revolution. From hybrid to fully autonomous cars that drive themselves the auto industry sets the technological standards worldwide. We here at NYADI provide that leap forward into this exciting future.

Carlos Sorondo, ASE Master Auto and Diesel Technician