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What is the Inclement Weather Policy and Procedure?

If there is a school closure due to inclement weather or other emergency, your classes will move to a fully remote option (meaning zoom and theory to be done from home that day whether or not you have lab or theory) For example, If it is normally a lab day for you, your lab will be changed to an online session for that day. To verify if the school is opened or closed you should check on the website and/or email for an update. Then you will know how to proceed

If I want to change from a daytime student to an evening student, how do I do that?

You can speak to your admissions rep or the student services staff to start the process, there is a change of session form, to be completed. You will need to meet with Bursar and FA to make sure your finances are covered and to determine which start date you will be able to start the new session. There are only certain times in the semester where you may return. There is a fee to change your session

How do I request a copy of my transcript?

You can request an Official Transcript through the Registrar's office. There is a $10 fee to be paid to the bursar, you can do that via email or over the phone. Once the fee is paid the registrar can send an official transcript to the address you provide.

What happens if I fail a course?

If you fail a course, due to poor attendance or poor academic performance, you will need to retake the class. Just remember that you are charged again when you retake the class. Before you get to the point of failing you should really make the effort to do everything you can to pass the class; attend extra help, make sure your attendance is spot on, or speak to an Advisor or Instructor to guide you.

If I am struggling in my classes, where can I go for help?

There are several things you can do. If you are having difficulty keeping up the first step would be to reach out to the instructor, to see if they can help by either reviewing information with you, they have office and extra help hours after class ends. You can also see if there is tutoring available in the library for particular topics. If your struggles are with attendance, that is something that is your responsibility, but if you need help with organization and time management we can help you

If I need to find a part time job, where do I go?

You may meet with our Career Advisors, in the Career Office. Generally, they meet with you after you complete two classes. We help with resume writing, interview skills and have many local connections in the automotive industry that we use to refer students too. Remember, we can get you the interview, but you have to be prepared to look and do your best.

If I left the school or was dropped, how do I request to come back?

If you left or were dropped from the program, you must reach out to the Registrar’s office, to begin the re-entry process. There is a re-entry form you need to complete as well as an essay, explaining why you are requesting to come back and what is/will be different this time. You also need to meet with The Bursar to pay $25.00 of the $50.00 re-entry fee and to determine if you have a balance on your account. You will then also meet with the Financial Aid office, to re-establish

How do I go about changing my major?

You can speak with the Academic Advisor, and must complete a change of major form. You must also meet with the FA office and Bursar, to make sure you are covered. The change can be made only at the end or the beginning of a semester. There is also a fee to change your major.