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If I am struggling in my classes, where can I go for help?

You have several options when you’re struggling with your coursework. One is to reach out to the instructor and inquire about office hours, where they can review concepts with you one-on-one and in more depth than is possible during class. Another is to seek tutoring services. If the problem is not having a quiet space to devote to studying, students are encouraged to take advantage of the NYADI library. The facility features a quiet area for individual studying, tables for group studying, and meeting spaces. Students will also find a complete

If I need to find a part time job, where do I go?

You may meet with our Career Advisors, in the Career Office. Generally, they meet with you after you complete two classes. We help with resume writing, interview skills and have many local connections in the automotive industry that we use to refer students too. Remember, we can get you the interview, but you have to be prepared to look and do your best.

If I left the school or was dropped, how do I request to come back?

Students who left or were dropped from the program must contact the Registrar’s Office to begin the re-entry process. You’ll complete a re-entry form and an essay detailing why you wish to come back and what your plans are for creating a different experience this time. You’ll also need to meet with the Bursar to pay $25 of the total $50 re-entry fee. The Bursar will also let you know if there is a balance on your account. The next step is to meet with the Financial Aid Office to re-establish

How do I go about changing my major?

You can speak with the Academic Advisor about completing a change of major form. You also need to meet with the Financial Aid Office and Bursar to ensure any assistance you have is covered under the switch. You will incur a fee to change your major, and changes can only happen at the end or beginning of a semester.

Where can I see my schedule?

Students can view their schedules by reviewing their student portals in Campus Café. You should receive an email when you first enroll with your username and password for Campus Café. Typically, your username is your first initial and last name, and your password is your student ID number. If you don’t have this information, contact a Student Services staff member for help.

How do I find out what classes I need to take?

Your advisor in Student Services can help you determine the classes you need to take to earn your degree. In addition to this information, they can let you know how many more classes you need and your current GPA. If you’re having any academic challenges, your advisor can help here, as well. Each new class a student is registered for will be posted on Campus Café.