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Students at NYADI are required to make satisfactory progress toward the completion of a degree or certificate. Academic progress standards must also be met to continue qualifying for financial aid awards. Academic progress is measured both qualitatively by grade point equivalent, and quantitatively, by the amount of time required to complete the program of study at the end of each semester.  SAP is measured in credits and time.  Students will receive a copy of their unofficial transcript at the end of each semester.

Earned Attempted GPA Earned Attempted GPA
0 3 0 33 49.5 1.8
3 4.5 1 36 54 1.8
6 9 1 39 58.5 2
9 13.5 1.3 42 63 2
12 18 1.3 45 67.5 2
15 22.5 1.5 48 72 2
18 27 1.5 51 76.5 2
21 31.5 1.5 54 81 2
24 36 1.5 57 85.5 2
27 40.5 1.8 60 90 2
30 45 1.8

Academic progress standards apply to all students, full-time or part-time, whether receiving federal Title IV funds, Tuition Assistance Program funds or are self-funded.  Student must have accumulated 24 credits to be eligible for accelerated TAP by the beginning of the third semester.

The maximum time within which students are allowed to complete their program is based on total credit hours. Students are allowed 150% of the published time (total credit hours) to complete their program.  This applies both to degree and certificate programs. For example, students pursuing a 60 credit AOS program are allowed to attempt up to 90 credits (i.e., 150% of the credits required for completing the Associate degree). Periods during which a student has requested and formally received a leave of absence or during which the student has discontinued enrollment at the college will not be considered in this figure.

For academic monitoring purposes and to support students who may be in need of assistance, academic progress is reviewed at the end of each course and at the end of each semester. There are, however, mandatory SAP evaluation points at which a student is required to meet at least the minimum academic standards to remain enrolled as a matriculated student.

Minimum successful course completion standards also apply during the program to ensure that students can complete the academic program within the maximum time allowed. At 50% of the maximum time allowed to complete a program, a student must have successfully completed 60% of the credit hours attempted. At 75% of the maximum time allowed to complete program, a student must have successfully completed 65% of the credit hours attempted.