GREAT NEWS! Now offering an Associate Degree

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 20:45

Meeting the Demands of a Dynamic Industry

In 2015, we submitted an application to the New York State Board of Education to add the AOS Degree to our Certificate program.  This was approved in May of this year!
I’m  Patrick Hart,  the Executive Director and I’m here to tell you some of the great things that are happening at NYADI THE COLLEGE OF AUTOMOTIVE AND DIESEL TECHNOLOGY.  Although New York ADI has been in business since 1994, during the past three years we have been in a whirlwind of improvement in every aspect of our enterprise:  the facility; equipment; curriculum; learning materials, and accreditations.
The process of gaining that approval was the impetus for revamping the whole school in alignment with our core belief that we provide an essential community service.  We are located in an urban area of largely minority immigrant and native born residents many of who are economically and educationally underprivileged. 
Drawing upon our neighbors as well as applicants from the entire NYC Metropolitan area, we offer a ladder to the American Dream of a middle class life.  This is our mission and we are proud of the successes that our students have achieved.  This is what we base our success upon!

We offer an outstanding product; our competitive advantages include:

  • The offering of an Associate in occupational studies degree beginning this Fall in Automotive and Diesel Technology
  • Certificate Programs in Automotive Technology, Truck and Diesel Service Technology and Collision Repair Technology
  • Affordable tuition
  • Incorporation of the latest  technology in training
  • Being the only diesel program in the area
  • VA friendly status
  • Simultaneous training towards a High School Equivalency to students who have not completed high school
  • Certification by  NYSBE, ACCSC and NATEF.
  • Established industry partnerships with  FIAT Chrysler Dodge , Freightliner, and Snap-On , which leads to add on certifications from Freightliner and Chrysler MOPAR integrated into curriculum and also available to graduates.

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