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5 Reasons Consumers Seek ASE Certified Mechanics

Whether they’re sports car enthusiasts or they spend long hours in reliable family vehicles, consumers seek out ASE certified mechanics to protect their major investment. Here are five reasons that consumers have maintenance, service and repairs done by ASE certified mechanics.

  1. The ASE certification has strict mandatory requirements.

Besides having to know all eight areas of the ASE Automotive Certification, ASE certified mechanics are required to have full-time, hands-on work experience – the amount of experience needed varies by field – or a mix of training and experience prior to taking the test. The certification test covers a full range of topics, including, but not limited to, engine repair, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, suspension and brakes and engine performance. When consumers choose an ASE certified mechanic, they know they’re working with an expert.

  1. ASE certifications expire after five years.

Since certification credentials are only valid for five years, ASE certified mechanics must take the corresponding recertification test to remain certified. For consumers, this requirement helps them verify that technicians are up to date on the latest technologies in the ever-changing automotive service industry.

  1. ASE certified mechanics have ongoing training.

Every year, the latest technologies are introduced and incorporated into vehicles. Consumers want to know that their auto technician is well-versed in modern technology and can repair any mechanical issue that may arise. Fortunately, ASE certified mechanics receive training and testing on a regular basis, ensuring that they’re prepared for any challenge.

  1. Mechanics that have an ASE certification are usually more cost-effective.

Consumers don’t want to pay more than they have to for automotive repairs. If an uncertified mechanic is working on a vehicle, he or she may not have the training needed to pinpoint the problem, and as a result, labor costs can soar. An ASE certified mechanic may charge more right off the bat, but will be able to remedy the situation much more quickly. Plus, the quality of service the consumer will receive may help prevent problems in the future.

  1. They typically have more experience.

ASE certified mechanics generally have a wealth of experience working in the automotive industry. While this includes two years of mandatory work experience, it’s not uncommon to find ASE certified techs with significantly more on-the-job experience. When consumers choose an ASE certified technician, they can be confident that they’re selecting an individual with years of applicable experience under their belt.

NYADI has a wide range of programs that prepare students for the ASE certification. To be eligible to take one of ASE’s certification tests, an automotive technician must have completed a two-year Automotive Technology Associate’s degree program or Automotive and Diesel Technology Associate’s Degree program plus have had 1-year of on-the-job training. Alternately, they can qualify with two full years of on-the-job training.

To learn more about our automotive and diesel technology programs, contact an admission advisor today.