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High-Performance Training Takes The Checkered Flag

The world of high-performance engines is filled with the sounds of inline-six engine revs. It’s enough to get your blood pumping. Fortunately, high-performance engine technicians are some of the most in-demand, highly paid technicians in the automotive industry. If you’re considering a job that lets you work with high-performance engines on a daily basis, you first need to acquire the knowledge and skills required to pursue a rewarding career in the fast lane.

From The Racetrack To The Streets

While you may think of turbochargers and superchargers as the driving force behind a racecar, a full range of muscle cars, trucks and even compact cars feature these horsepower-boosting components. Because turbochargers and superchargers are becoming increasingly available on the market, many technical programs dedicate courses to both types of high-performance engines. In turn, high-performance training is an essential skill needed to succeed in the automotive industry.

Boost Your Salary

High-performance mechanics are needed in the automotive industry, and as a specialized technician with more training under your belt, you’ll have greater opportunities to earn a larger salary. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), automotive service technicians and mechanics in the top 10% earn more than $64,070 a year. And this particular tier encompasses a large number of high-performance mechanics.

Start On The Path To A Rewarding Career Today

At NYADI, we offer a course on high-performance engines – required for the Automotive Technology and Automotive and Diesel Technology A.O.S. Degree programs. This class blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on activities, so you can learn how to boost power with turbochargers and superchargers. You’ll also learn about engine repair and rebuilding, engine blueprinting techniques, add-on performance products and exhaust system selection. To learn more about the high performance engines course or any of our programs, contact an admission advisor today.