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Are you ready for the next challenge?

Seventeen percent of New York Automotive & Diesel Institute’s students are.  Some of our veterans are direct from service, some much older.   They are not here because they don’t want courses in literature or foreign languages, but because they are aware of the career potential in the automotive and diesel industry.

In short, this is an applicant’s market.  Major employers, private and governmental, are eager for new hires.  Many veterans already have job experience in the field, a prerequisite for immediate placement as a technician.  This gives them the inside track.  Government agencies also often give preference to veterans over equally qualified applicants.

Automotive and diesel careers have almost unlimited potential for advancement. Technician to master; master to supervisor or shop owner; these paths have a wide range of remuneration only dependent upon the size of the agency.  For example: a supervisor of a city bus yard; or a fleet of rental cars can’t be compared to a supervisor in a local shop.

Employment with larger corporations, such as international dealerships or insurance agencies, will also be packaged with long term benefits.  And, of course, government positions have pension plans.

In addition to cutting edge instruction, the NYADI  Placement Department has direct access to local national and international private and public employers for graduates.  2016/17 has been very busy.

Automotive Technician and Diesel Engine Specialist careers were cited by the magazine G.I. Jobs as two of the “Top 25 Hot Jobs for Veterans” in the April 2017 issue.  Download  the complete list online from  (One thing to know: the salaries are averaged across the country.  New York area and California wages will be higher.)