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Auto Tech is Cool

For people who love cars there is a satisfaction in working with their hands to maintain and fix them.  The great thing is that auto dealers are eager to find help, so this is the time to live your dream and get paid at the same time.
If you are looking for a lifelong career with great potential for growth, consider automotive or diesel technology.  There is a high demand for skilled, experienced technicians now and will be far into the future.  Automotive technology is becoming more advanced and innovative day by day so your work will never be boring.  Electronic, self-driving, hydro fueled, flying, the future has arrived: mechanics have become technicians and soon may be thought of as wizards.  Rocket science?  Maybe not, but there will always be many more cars and trucks than space ships to be worked on.
If you are committed to preparing yourself for a great career, New York Automotive & Diesel Institute not only offers the best training at the best price but is now partnering with Chrysler Automobiles and Snap-on Tools to add industry certifications and internships at no additional cost.  Before graduation, if you meet the standards, you will have the training AND the experience to step into your career immediately.  Prepare yourself today; the jobs are waiting!