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The Benefits of Getting an Associate Degree Over a Certificate

The automotive field offers a host of great benefits, making it a desirable sector in which to pursue a career. People interested in a career involving automobiles often have a few different avenues to their dream job – such as a certificate program or an associate degree program.

While both options provide automotive training and can help you land the automotive job of your choice, an associate degree program offers several advantages that a certificate program cannot. Discover why you should consider an associate degree from NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, based in Jamaica, NY.

A More Well-Rounded Education

In many cases, students will choose to enroll in an associate program to obtain the knowledge necessary to acquire a certification. While this is a great plan, it’s important to note this is not the only advantage of an associate program.

When enrolled in an associate program, students will benefit from a well-rounded learning experience and can take a wider variety of courses related to their major. This helps broaden their knowledge and understanding of the automotive field and can expose them to new aspects of the industry they weren’t aware of previously.

Become a Much More Attractive Prospective Employee

The automotive industry is a very competitive field. Prospective employees need to do all they can to stand out from others who have the same passion and skills as them. Wanting the best possible candidate for the job, employers look closely at resumes. While not all employers require workers to have a degree, many prefer job candidates with associate degrees over candidates who have only certificates and a high school diploma. With an associate degree listed on your resume, you’ll be better able to compete in the current workforce.

Higher Potential Earnings

Many students wonder if earning an associate degree is worth the time and effort. Perhaps the biggest advantage of an associate degree over a certificate is the potential earnings. 2022 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data suggests that workers with an associate degree earn more, up to $150 or more on average each week than workers who have only a high school diploma. That can add up to earning thousands more a year.

The earning potential for associate degree holders goes beyond just their first job. Earning potential can improve based on the job opportunities available for those who earned an associate degree. Having formal education in the field may make a person more likely to qualify and secure better positions that compensate with higher pay.

More Career Opportunities

One of the pitfalls of a certificate program is a very niche learning experience. Graduates of a certificate program generally qualify only for jobs requiring that specific certification. When you have an associate degree, you can expect to have a broader range of career opportunities. Many associate degree holders take advantage of these multiple opportunities, forging a career path that better aligns with their passion for automobiles.

Earn Your Associate Degree From NYADI

Although having a certificate can be a great addition to your qualifications, people wishing to maximize their career potential should consider applying to an associate degree program at NYADI The College of Transportation Technology.

Located in Jamaica, NY, NYADI is pleased to offer its students an Automotive and Diesel Technology A.O.S. Degree program and an Automotive Technology A.O.S. Degree program, both of which prepare students to take the ASE Automotive Certification. 

Led by passionate instructors, our academic programs are not only designed to equip students with the appropriate education but also give them valuable, real-world experience they can use throughout their careers in the automotive industry. Your willingness to continue your education will demonstrate to prospective employers your drive, motivation, and discipline – qualities all employers look for in job candidates. To help make getting an education more feasible, NYADI is pleased to offer financial aid to students who qualify.

To hear more about the benefits of an associate degree program over a certificate program, or to learn how you can enroll at NYADI, contact an admissions representative today.