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The Benefits of Getting an Associate’s Degree over a Certificate

If you’re looking to work in the automotive field, you’ve probably been presented with two options – a certificate program and an associate’s degree program. While a certificate program offers classes specific to your area of study, an associate’s degree program provides a well-balanced educational experience that can help you compete and advance in your field. Here are several benefits that getting an associate’s degree has over just a certificate.

You’ll Become a Well-Rounded Individual

Oftentimes, an associate’s program will prepare you to take a certification needed for your field, but that’s not its only purpose. Associate’s degree programs offer a well-rounded learning experience, so while you may take several courses related to your major, you’ll also get the chance to take general education classes to supplement your studies.

You’ll Be More Competitive in Your Field

With an associate’s degree listed on your resume, you’ll be better able to compete in the current workforce. While not all employers require workers to have a degree, many prefer job candidates with associate’s degrees over candidates who only have certificates and a high school diploma.

You’ll Earn More with an Associate’s Degree

According to a 2015 study conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with an associate’s degree make $120 more a week on average than workers with only a high school diploma. That’s approximately $6,240 more a year.

Receive an Associate’s Degree from NYADI

While earning a certificate can help you find an entry-level job, if you’re looking to expand your career potential, consider applying to an associate’s degree program. At the New York Auto and Diesel Institute (NYADI), we offer an Automotive and Diesel Technology A.O.S. Degree program and an Automotive Technology A.O.S. Degree program – both of which prepare students to take the ASE Automotive Certification. Contact an admission advisor to learn more.