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Beyond Oil Changes: Learning Advanced Auto Tech Skills

As an automotive technician, you’ll be expected to perform more than just oil changes and tire rotations. Here are some of the advanced auto tech skills you’ll learn in the Automotive Technology A.O.S. Degree program at NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology.

Engine Repair

Combining classroom and hands-on learning, this course teaches future automotive technicians how to disassemble, diagnose, measure and repair cylinder heads, engine blocks, crankshafts and more.

Electrical/Electronic Systems

In this course, students are taught how to use advanced diagnostic techniques to repair electrical circuits associated with instrumentation, horn systems and wiper/washer systems.

Engine Electronics

This course covers modern ignition systems, including computerized engine controls, sensors and actuators and engine management systems.

Advanced Undercarriage

Delve into the various types of anti-lock braking systems, traction/stability control systems and wheel alignments with the advanced undercarriage course.

Advanced Electrical Systems

Entertainment and audio systems and power accessories, such as keyless entry and cruise control systems, are covered in this advanced course.

Fuel Systems

Learn about direct injection, port injection and throttle body injection systems, as well as carburetors, in the lecture/laboratory fuel systems course.

Emission Control Systems

This course places an emphasis on systems used to monitor engine operation and emission compliance control devices. Students will also learn to diagnose emission-related inspection failures.

Climate Control

Using multi-zone automatic climate control trainers, students in the climate control course will learn about heat transfer, using refrigerant recovery and much more.

High-Performance Engines

Students will be taught how to boost power with turbochargers and superchargers in this high-performance engines course.

Learn the Advanced Auto Tech Skills You Need

At NYADI, our Automotive Technology A.O.S. Degree program prepares students with the fundamental and advanced skills they need to excel in the automotive industry. To learn more about this program, contact an admission advisor today.