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How NYADI Can Help You Find Employment with a Respectable Company

Automotive service has always been a competitive field, with the most desirable positions often requiring a great deal of experience, impressive certifications and a demonstrable commitment to excellence. But if you’re looking to kick off your automotive career with a position at a respectable company, look no further than the high-quality educational programs at NYADI The College of Automotive and Diesel Technology. Here are four ways NYADI’s Automotive Technology AOS Degree program can help you secure your dream job.

1. Our graduates receive ASE certifications.

There are automotive technician positions out there that don’t require certifications, but positions with well-known, top-tier employers nearly always do. If you’re serious about standing out from the competition, earning a certification of your own is the perfect place to start. ASE certifications are granted by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and they’re a sign that you’ve developed professional-level skills and gained hands-on experience. NYADI’s Automotive Technology graduates all leave with the ASE Automotive Certification.

2. The Automotive Technology AOS Degree Program sets you up for future educational opportunities.

One day, you may discover the perfect position within your dream company, only to discover that you’re just shy of the educational requirements. Fortunately, NYADI’s Automotive Technology AOS Degree Program provides you with an associate degree that makes bolstering your automotive education level simple.

3. NYADI instructors are ASE-certified auto mechanics.

At NYADI, we only select teachers who are fully equipped to provide the high-quality instruction and authentic insight that you deserve. That means every member of our faculty offers extensive industry experience, as well as ASE certification.

4. Our programs are constantly evolving to keep up with the latest automotive technology.

The most successful service centers must employ technicians with up-to-date experience in order to accommodate the ever-changing needs of their customers. Fittingly, NYADI’s Automotive Technology AOS Degree program complements fundamental automotive service knowledge with constantly updated information concerning key industry trends.

5. We’ll help you all throughout the job search.

NYADI’s advantages don’t end with our versatile academic programs. We also offer in-depth job placement and career services. Whether you’re compiling your first resume or preparing for a major interview, we can help you ensure that you’ll knock it out of the park, so you can start off your automotive career on a high note.

Choose Your NYADI Program

With a range of educational programs led by ASE-certified auto mechanics, NYADI offers a clear path into the thriving automotive service industry. Apply to the Automotive Technology AOS Degree program online, or browse our additional programs today.