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Career Paths for Diesel Mechanics

Are you thinking about a career in the automotive and diesel industry? Diesel mechanics, also known as diesel service technicians, are responsible for maintaining, diagnosing, and repairing vehicles with diesel engines. These technicians work in all kinds of environments, so there’s no shortage of job opportunities. Here, NYADI The College of Transportation Technology, based in Jamaica, New York, highlights a few of the possible career paths for diesel mechanics.

Potential Employers

Whether you’re interested in working for a local government, a large corporation, or a small business, corporation, you can find rewarding work in a growing industry. Some of the employers for diesel mechanics are:

Transportation Authorities

Diesel mechanics provide support to transportation authorities, which often manage many fleets of service and construction vehicles. These mechanics play an especially valuable role on road crews, maintaining and repairing diesel vehicles to make sure that new construction and renovation projects move forward smoothly. If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic because of roadway maintenance, you know how important it is that these projects are finished on time.

State and Local Government

Mechanics can work for state and local government bodies to service a wide range of diesel vehicles. Municipal governments may be responsible for equipment such as sanitation trucks, snowplows, salt spreaders, and city buses. Diesel mechanics provide fleet maintenance and repairs, helping to ensure that public services are provided without interruption. They maintain detailed logs to track equipment condition and usage, as well as any work performed.

Trucking Industry

Trucking is a huge industry in the United States, where many all kinds of consumer goods are transported by tractor-trailers. Many diesel mechanics work in the trucking industry, employed by transportation companies to provide maintenance and repair for diesel truck engines. With trucking companies all over the U.S., this job provides transferable skills so you can work in a variety of locations.

Mechanic and Auto Body Shops

If you prefer working in a more conventional auto mechanic environment, a job as a diesel service technician may be a good fit for you. Service technicians work in a fast-paced environment, dealing with multiple customers throughout the day and working to perform repairs as efficiently as possible. Diesel mechanics may work independently or on a team of repair shop employees. They may also be sent out to worksites or to provide roadside assistance.

There are many other pathways, as well as specializations – for example, some diesel technicians focus on repairing agricultural equipment, while others work on diesel locomotives.

Get Hands-On Diesel Technician Experience

If you’re looking for an academic program where you’ll gain plenty of practical experience, choose NYADI The College of Transportation Technology. The only college in NYC to offer an associate degree in  Automotive and Diesel Technology, NYADI also has a certificate program in Truck and Diesel Service Technology to help you prepare for a career as a diesel mechanic. With experienced instructors, industry partnerships, and robust career services, NYADI provides a supportive environment where students can thrive. Contact us to set up a visit to our campus in Jamaica, NY.