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The personal car is as common in the United States as a toothbrush.  Everywhere except New York City, (especially Manhattan), two cars per adult person is typical.  One of them might be a truck but a truck that is seldom used for anything but personal transportation.

Americans love their cars.  You can bet that for the people you see on public transportation, at least half have cars in their garages.  Does the economy affect the rate of ownership?  Not so much.  People just keep that car on the road longer.  Gasoline prices?  Choose trips wisely.  Heavy  traffic?  Parking?  Take the bus to work and use the car for weekends.

The car is going to keep on going.  Except – when it’s not.  Then we need to fix it.  And if we can’t; we need a skilled technician.  A real person, within a reasonable distance, and available in hours.  This cannot be outsourced.  This career will not disappear anytime   in the near future – if ever.

If you or someone you know is looking for a lifetime career with potential to own your own business, consider a career in automotive mechanics.  Call New York Automotive and Diesel Institute today for an appointment to discuss what you need to do to jumpstart your career.

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